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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am so different from most people that I have to be considered an artist.
Observing behavior made my parents exceptional social workers and their example exposed me to the dangerous choices from free-thinking (so I know how to compost regrets!)

the best use of Art may be to depart from preconceived notions.

Art is Beyond Conventional thought, providing a way to relax thinking.

Relaxed definition encourages emerging properties.

Reality can be up-graded for the sake of design enhancement.

Consulting for style is considered marketing to appeal to a feeling level.
Like a director can observe inter-relation for centering balance.

Performance invests interest (on stories) to gain appreciation (of issue.)

I know why it is so hard to follow my logic,
I found freedom from logical thinking.

I tried meditation. My mom suggested the first form giving-up attention to breathing. My favorite trick of relaxation was while lying on my back I would suddenly be stretching everything, my arms and legs were tight from being longer, my neck and face stretched like in shock or surprise. Just as my body reached an intense quiver, I would let go so completely even my thoughts would go.


Blogger Imemine said...

Is it letting go or letting be? Sometimes letting go is not easy. Letting be is easier and leads to complete letting go, perhaps.

12/2/06, 8:29 AM  

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