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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

appreciation insurance

I design my statements (neutral from judgment) to reveal the truth others project from how well their integrity is centered (by experience), or opinionated.

Telling others what to do implies limited understanding of freedom.
Giving freedom is the credit that supports life as a gift, as spiritual as health.
The value of my care-giving can teach the power (in design) of appreciation.

Deception (& denial) is the toxic symptom of depression (& is contagious.)
Honesty contributes restorative justice to the victims of misconception. .
My observations can redefine happiness as contentment with finding enjoyment.
Our Information Age grows conceptual values by extending service abilities.
Invested interests offer appreciation of the Relativity (Theory) reaction reflexes.
The reciprocation depends on the intention.

Production companies can be a donation vehicle running on the power of TRUST
Not-for-profit is the attitude of (the) most natural growth potential.
Profit is a (toxic) human value in taking advantage beyond what was given.
There is an art of mediation which shares dependability deserved as roles.
Team building is the self-sustaining insurance of contribution appreciation.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

intro & credits

this next post is the poetic nugget smelted from an alchemical week-end of mixing other relations into my daughter's definition of MY freedom. So when Peggy & Jack (who took her to London) showed up while Rebecca and Gary molded their projects to fruition, the spirit of sharing more time TOGETHER, became a deeper sense. The episode (w/Rebecca) to bring the Bodhisattva's head sculpture to Seinic Fairfax, became a powerful party of creative endeavorers, magnetized by Burning Man w/ hand-made music involved. Thanks Ruby & Geoff for so many intros.
So creating potential meeting space here at the house has been most of my exercise while finishing a commissioned butler shelf. I do indulge in some feeling sorry for myself when I play the "Cinderfella" role sometimes, but creative maintenance can be the best therapy there is. Gary has been the greatest teacher of care-giver patience-building while playing the janitor puzzle.
. . and of course, Marco was instrumental to advancing the design force. thanks FRIENDS

creative coupling

If i could only learn to make my time so valuable people would share admiration.
The fate that brings us together appreciates creative coupling.
Investing interest as appreciation grows the context to relate timely.

I admire the self-actualization others project in good interviews.
Opening an opinion to as many points of view to gain perspective wrestles organization.
Progressive urges advance awareness as knowledge forms with experience.
P.O.V. ~ riding the mindcoaster ~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

understanding artists

The best an artist can give is his most powerful observation,
and the effort to craft a form that relates integrity.
The observers' consideration is the artists' projection, so
caring shares understanding.
Thanks for your efforts
even if I appear 2B a plucked turkey

Monday, November 19, 2007

mutual respect

The big idea is sharing the best potential,
human nature can't be told what to do,
freedom creates defensive reasoning turning explanation into distraction.

My best hope is to outline observations with warning
that any conclusion is the end of a branch (or style) of judging.

Would the creator have hidden so well if telling others what to do was acceptable?
The gift of choice is encouragement to change understanding.

Relativity became a theory with the connection of reaction to every action.
Care makes family of familiar only after opposites share intercourse.
Can coupling balance appreciation of difference without disparity?
Desperation means rationalizing starts compromising understanding.
We aren't really denying something we've never experienced.

Theatrical arts offer opportunities for role-playing.
Experience builds credit for response-ability.
Respect demonstrates acting for equality.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Criticism doesn't have to be complaint.
Blaming and shaming is a threatening symptom of unresolved responsibility.
This exercise is energy distribution experience.
Developing grace extends the entertainment of interest sharing values.
Qualities are honest expressions of feelings that free thoughts.
Free-thinking is the research and development of nourishing life reflexes.
Meditation is the best word for creative-zone brain-activity,
called relaxed thought for lack of a better spectrum of words.

Approval is the agreement to be interested in participation.
Sharing privacy (rights) means making a distinction from secrecy's *subversivity.
*if "subversiveness" is better,then you may be more noun than verb?
It's all OK with me, but what judgment projected 4 U?
. . so teach critique as the intro to artistic endeavor (style),

Sunday, November 11, 2007

interest invested is appreciation

Comfort is peaceful.
Conflict is uncomfortable.
Thinking is an acquired response-ability.
We are all victims of developing thoughts.
Feelings have more natural tendencies (until thought about.)
Meditation is how awareness mediates natural energy.
The breath dynamic is a primary tool to balance inner and outer influences.
Taichi taught me that meditation is in action by consciously slowing down enough to be more observant.
The need for conflict is evident in movement as opposing muscle groups are needed even to beat our hearts.
The balance of these partner muscles can create an energy called the Piezoelectric effect that is attributed with increasing bone density.
The purpose of two ears is to become sensitive to stereo of placement in space.
The two eyes are partner points of view to create perspective and depth perception.
The two halves of our brains means we are all inevitably divided.
Accepting how complex life (has to be) means thinking about it is only a conceptual tool* with relative reasonable extremes, like opinions should be. ~ *an exercise routine
Power shifts like day and night in various durations within predictions of experience.

Interest invested is appreciation!
This represents a triangulation of influences,
interest is an attitude of care,
investing is a behavior of focus,
appreciation is contentment with growth, (hopefully as comfort) sharing values.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

wondering if

"organizational angles becomes destructive to something natural"
is a good name for this piece?


free spirit

Free spirit is an awareness concept that built the foundation of our existence as the gift of choice.
Human spirit is distracted from the elements of integrity to tend to their individual commUNITYs' needs.
Religions help cultures focus feelings to relieve thinking abot conflicts.
Paradox is a power system of positive and negative in balance (like a battery.)
The separation of church and state balanced give (contributions) and take (taxes) enough to give us individual rights.

Free choice is the education of awareness.
Judgment victimizes feelings into qualities of thought.
To balance the ultimate partnership between sexes we take a vow, "for better or for worse."
This process is a key to sharing as understanding beyond the finality of good and bad judgment.
Care nurtures feelings so love and hate are the ultimate poles.
The opposite of care is indifference starting with natural ignorance.
Denial is the hate-like indifference as an attempt to not care.
Denying variance is an editing tool to refine focus and dependability.
The care I put into crafting my style of statements allows for as much variance as possible to expand acceptability.
Caring means not telling others what to think (or do) but offering experience as qualities of living more fully aware.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Spiritual quality is a value of behavior.
To recognize awareness is the gift of spirituality.
Understanding is to give-in-wardly for (and to) others.
Inspiration is released spirituality.
Toxic leadership makes others give-in to being taken advantage of, as property becoming awareness of quantity for design quality.
Are two eyes, and ears just to balance our faces? (aware of stereo and 3-D?)
There is a subtle expanded awareness from partnership.
We learn sharing by maintaining balanced senses of role playing.

The roles in marriage have been made "for profit" with the legal arguments!
What if it is how our system of marriage defends injustices of gender roles that can thwart generosity and sharing socially.
Instead of making "marriage" more legally inclusive,
the legal freedom within partnerships should have more obvious benefits of healthy relation development by easing all legal advantage.
Credit is not valued (freedom) in legal systems (still punishing victims.)
For better or for worse democracy demands less taxing legal complications.
Libertarian attitudes helps individual self-acceptance of odd-balling as funny.
I enjoy feeling queer even NOT having gay considerations (or denial.)
Being different is what makes a free society.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

interesting observation

The most interesting observation of watching mediators neutralize judgment is that the person with the most judgment thinks they are better symptomatically.

The parental judgment trap is to make their kids submit to their better judgment for their own good.

When my second child was born my mother remembered how we used to get emotionally upset. She said that one time when I was six I stormed into my room and slammed the door and as my mother steamed, my four year old brother said, "why are you so mean to Brad?" To see innocent perception of her best intentions was an eye-opener.

Role-playing is an important opportunity to try better characters. Slowly there appears to be a lessening of the victim reflex that judges beyond your understanding as projected chemical transmutation. The action reaction quotient starts to figure and configure relation response abilities.

I allowed my kids to feel they were better than me, to find self value. I worked at setting the example of NOT telling others what to do. This became the exercise of asking for appropriate attention to specific details. To share my needs (FROM them) as sharing points of view allowed their needs to become more adaptable.

Compulsion is a defensive reaction to THINKING something is offensive. Getting out of the way of non-appreciation exercises powers of observation.

The artistic application of leadership is sharing a vision so that less force is needed to encourage participation.