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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Common unity

When Thomas Paine wrote the first paragraph of Common Sense, socialism was the ideal that principles and rights would support an ethic that could end taxation.
Since (as victims of English monarchy, they knew best that) taxes should only pay for lawmaking and enforcement, Benjamin Franklin and his group of entrepreneurs an Masons tried to suggest that we NOT be a nation of laws!
The paradox is how subsidized (& tax-free) corporations turned that image into ANTI-socialism.
Legal manifest destiny turned cultural assurances into insurance casinos to harvest public resources at the risk of entitlements being only privatized.
The country is an agent that should be paid appropriately for support.
The service it extends as rights/favors to those taking the most advantage aren't recognized as business privileges to share to this ultimate imbalance.
The power to take more than public equality has made being wealthy a dis-ease of taking.
Giving appreciation is the humility of self-worth that starts by self) regulation, like paying for what you acquired/required at the cash register.

It is more painful to treat a parasite than to just live with it!

The deficit is a derived credit for the future to take responsibility as the need for re-valuing evaluation in health and education.
How can the future be responsible for an amount of money?
The profit motive worked well for production logistics but conceptual values of information and service are evidence of a deceptive gamble.
Where they combine is emotional support as a compassionate foundation for evolving the consumer branch of production.
What I am saying is pay everybody to go to school and invest their interest to credit contribution offered to the social experiment.
This could fund bringing production back to our workforce with supportive research and development.
Credit every citizen to GO TO THE DOCTOR for health is a practice that should value subjects that contribute information.
Make these channels an artery to pay the patriotic to become better resources since we have become a market of ideas.
The harm of charging for health-care is self evident decrepitude.
We need a well, fair nation, now more than ever...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

feeling fluidity flooding

The appreciation of living is a choice.
We see quite a few critical reflexes without appreciating their relationships.
Appreciation and criticism are equal and opposite reactions to each other.
Appreciative people will attract criticism as critical people find admiring appreciation equally?

Being shrewd is when the fun thoughts turns to cost effectiveness.
Financial understanding finds variants to sharing response abilities manipulatively.
The motivation to be productive can be considered domination.
Where shrewdness merges with energy it becomes forceful.
Deceptive force is / in denial causing depression in variant odds makes sense more often.

It is shrewd to deny regrets because it removes the cost of choice.
Regrets prove that a choice must eliminate (change) something that was cared for.
If choices are made for us the regrets are projected in a symptomatic style.
Can we respect behavior motivators as response abilities recognize relativities.
Destiny often means God's choice. Who can design an inclusive destiny?

Appreciation accepts the production profits as / in creative properties materialistically.
Who will put the "proper" back in property?
Concepts are too creative to derive profit without degrees of deception / speculation.
Support for concepts have degrees of extortion by styles of asking for investment.
Invested interest yields appreciation, or will critics change the rules again.

Critical intent is the expression of self-judgment just by style of delivery.
The strongest release is from weakness partnership / victim of roles.
How we tend to being pretentious depending on entertaining values?

Couldn't frustration motivate the effort to realize change appropriately, half the time, if by fair odds?
Credit should be the contentment of critical appreciation. centered on neutralizing charges of dominance.
Health and education should have no debt (by profit motive) attached, by being a derived value of creative representative investment as in becoming national asset.

The Agent fee the tax represents is not fairly appreciated by the benefactors. that they would charge appropriately if responsible enough to comply creatively.
If there was a test for integrity, the donations of the appropriately appreciative (entertainer/ celebrity) styling contribution attitudes to fill in the obvious fear of losing more if you have to have dominance as / in their own penalty attitude amplification to needing desires.
Debating loses half the argumentative values in judgment so evaluation is recognized in dialog.
Enlightened founding fathers discussed how taxes were the cost of law making and enforcement so that if principles adapted by examples of honesty, public pride would balance off privacy piracy.

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