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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Karplan's Triangle

Try-angular approaches give us a dimensional awareness.
The second eye gives us depth and perspective as the third projector in the brain turns it upside down.
As a furniture designer I learned that tripods are the most stable bet for adaptability.
As an observer of thought development (a parent), healthy hygiene depends on information as instructive examples and responsibility development suggested as a choice.
In learning the life experience the care-giving dynamic recognizes role playing reflexes to base our responses with proper respect.
I was just introduced to Karplan's Triangle by the director of Family Caregiver Alliance.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

share healthy values

The complicity is more obvious everyday that healthy action is distracted by knee-jerk reactions that continue status quo payments for the un-working procedures that prove how wasted the system is as pathological and parasitic.

These archives have health~care suggestions as a branch of economic balance with checks that respect self interest reflexes and how they are symptomatic to how values greater than money are a foundation that is being eroded like environmental concerns.

The IndusTrial Revolution was fueled by a profit-making attitude that seemed "too big to fail." The amount of labor resources needed allowed for abusing a value of human dignity. The roles of mothers and teachers as a minimal compensation service is a symptomatic warning we continue to overlook. Service quality values could energize The Information Age of technological advancements needed to allow the transparency of comm(unity consciousness to compensate ethical deprivation.

Healthy support made the best concept of Social Security more of an ASSURANCE policy that the"conceptual product" insurance has been mutated into. To prepay (an) inevitable disaster is the concept of insurance investment and the importance of credit grew into debt investment, so how can successful attitudes be surprised that their investment "goals" have manifested? Isn't it obvious we have been fed unsuccessful attitudes?

A new diet of Health~care Regularity should be the supplemental job that GIVES PAYMENT to participation standards of interest. Education of supportive health services should produce financial credits to redistribute pride of body maintenance. The individual bodies could come to represent a body of human being. Peace comes from getting the pieces to Relate and compensate (share..) Responsibility w/ Respect


Friday, March 27, 2009

healing can depend

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Agreement therapy

The way we FEEL when we say NO!
is different than the effort to,
do you choose (the effort) to know..
HOW you are making yourself feel?

Monday, March 23, 2009

The True Believer

"Too many words dilute and blur ideas."

sharable evaluation?

UNITY is not what money buys when it is obviously becoming a class war.

(Could the military industrial complex, Eisenhower warned us about, be plundering as banking indulgences, like oil price manipulation implies a pertinent example?

They never counted "Socializing Values" becoming healthier agreement than the fear of NoMoney!
Some of us (already) visualize a form of credit that doesn't form debt.
Those responsible for discouragement in forms of "debt victimizers" are Institutions.
Those who discourage are Institutionalized with rational compartmentalization but with encouragement commute-ability becomes multi- dimensional.

The Health-Care evolution could encourage (the) energy to free credit.
Community comment hyperlinking is the network of participation where accountability creates contribution like PayPal pyramids of healthy attitude.
Values of encouragement make education and medical experience (even as a patient) a credit from debt distraction.

Debt engineering is a symptom of "victimizer" desperation that forms conflict (WAR) with blame and shame justification games of fate.
The projection problem is in perception reflexes to contract on itself, what you see is ALL you get!

So, Why not see encouragement of opportunities in social values for health and care? All the injustices to teachers and other care services could start supporting a growth credit assurance distribution.

Teaching peace is why the WAY we live can energize behavior to evaluate.
Money should not control peace of mind the way it seems to threaten just that.
Questionable powers lie in the understanding of concepts, (the) UNREAL!
Real support is a recognizable behavior of encouragement. . .
it is easier when aware how half-truths balance each other when sharable.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lost and found values

The power of money has been conceptually invalidated and so every declaration of loss goes into a healthy correction credit fund to build socialized medicine as THE supportive credit. Pay patients to do what is best for them by giving a real value to care-giving. The practice of "encouragement" is an installment application to real action taken to activate services as more accessible and for representation of networking the Information Age into a Service Era to counterbalance the Indus(try)trial Revolution that made profit a pathological parasite. Selling conceptual "properties" for profit created "VICTIMIZERS".
Separation of powers was well addressed in the first two paragraphs of Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The economy could reward social values of evaluation and contribution with the fall-out of regulation plundering by offering pride redemption.
The concept of alternating power encourages drastic reversal that started with an accepting approach to attitude adjustment that appreciates behavioral symptoms of borderline paradox.
Blockers should be treated as currency clots and the discomfort they project is being exposed for the denial that causes depression. The cost of defenses is that it confirms gambling compulsions that need treatment receivership credit that could neutralize debt in a way that could eliminate taxation! Taxation is government complicity.
To cure this dis-ease would give US credit.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Federal Debt Information Assurance FDIA

Accountability has passed this crapitalism into the victims of penalty percentages and hedging appreciation.
The symptoms point to manipulations responsible for the loss of healthy savings attitudes..
By propagating debt investment "victimizer industries" bought advantages ..concepts of gambling were used by banks (becoming extortion rackets) to insure rules/rulers increased deception propaganda and character corruption (with pride.)
Defensive reactions lose values, (as demonstrated by Republican reactive behaviors) thus proving to defend past actions will keep costing.(which ever party does it)

Evaluation methods can encourage compensation to balance credit entitlement surety..
Assure a change with evaluation education recognized as encouragement counseling..Well IS fair!
Health is the most assuring attitude.
Practicing health should pay well(ness.)
Profit is the tyrant of production that needs balancing branches of healthy services and information credibility. Three governing contributers to economic note-ability...
Check it out, balancing substantiation for healthy conditioning and honest encouragement is wonderful, ask any doctor or teacher. Questioning is participation in information development deserving (the) more reward.

The old answers were barriers that power bullies could hide behind as defenses. The selling of defenses should not be beneficial for anyone, everyone should be freed of defense spending. Two Americas in-deed. "Be(a)ware of the military industrial complex(funding)"

The ultimate cultural goal is to prove armies are the only need for taxation and to end taxation can treat the corruption dis-ease (of desirerhea.) Consumer indulgence was not self-sustaining.
Working well together is the most wonderful puzzle resolving unity exercise.
..SO..Who has the money? & why? ...follow?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

change-ablity currency

Does your (interpretation) reflex hear,
"New Jobs" to mean more of the same jobs?
"Too big" is a symptom of self-regulation pathology
demanding a treatment regimentation.

Social work was the New Deal creation of
a "service providing" job force as careful listeners.
The critical attitude gets more obvious as distraction
from the agreement to encourage transparency training.
Mediation encourages teamwork participation
for research development of value sharing investments.
Regulation could be a field of tribute credits to direct efforts.

Teachers (etc.) could be paid for efforts to evolve intelligent designs..
...but victimizers still get discouraging bail-out jobs saved emotionally.
..on fears...

attitude adjustment

The implication of hope could be connected to the human reflex to oppose and ridicule, this has been the best antidote* to teenage angst. Instead of judging a limitation, I can (chose to) evaluate the progress possible (from that expression.)
Adjustment is "In Courage Meant," for facing our own rejection reflexes (i.e. denial.)
Accept the potential for insight development.
The "Abominable No-man" in all of us will freeze capacities to (emotionally) understand, (that empathy is a thoughtful choice)
like why (my) blog therapy compensates for physical set-backs,
*improv-ing for (delays in) editing..(like ridicule, opposition)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

conception/perception? does greed affect your need?
does perception of need feed
conception of greed? or
vise versa?
or unbalanced in each hemisphere?


"NO SENSE" is called that by human critical thinking?
Thought separates the mind/brain from the body integrity.
By thinking "IT" is supportive, thought frees itself from response abilities.
Money accumulation HAS become the conceptual values that allowed dollars to create non-cents (and debt from credit*).
The little things have stopped meaning as much.
Natural Organic Sense is a support system of value distribution.
Gut feelings imply the head will distract hope from real comfort.
Meditation seems to make NO Sense.
I practice no sense in relation to how content my body rests (satisfied.)

*A stack of money with eyes on top will tell you that conceptually you could save that by switching to Geico but what is it really?.... what every existing customer is paying for the new advertising campaign while still paying previous gecko campaigns to prove double-timing indulgence is THE prevalent dumb-down distraction (of common/human greed.)

To relax common/human indulgent reflexes the NO Sense alternative paradox is to appreciate ridicule as the door to "AHA" brain work (like laughing) instead of thinking. Never miss the opportunity to consider accepting potential spirit of unity. ~ .com.unity

Saturday, March 14, 2009

practice encouraging

My suggestions of alternative truths inspire such opposition,
I'm like a hammer to the sympathetic reflex,
people automatically question values can differ (paradoxically.)
Individuality is greedy for more self-interest (without investment.)
Communing is the civil experiment to learn sharing. (attention)
Advantage is lost if it is taken apart, with discouragement.
The needy (of discouragement justification) arises symptomatically as
a struggle for balance by grabbing others' stability. (distraction)
The quality (of behavior that encourages) becomes evident encouragement to neutralize parasitically challenging reflexively.
Consider what you can approve of first if responsibility rules in your relations.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

when you project.. much I am vane (vain)
is how much you blow...
and vice versa, if you get it,
the directions will change,
positioning, from leg to leg...
if intention is balanced,
point of progress or spin?

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considering discouragement

How can the wealthiest (smartest?) people in the world loose billions of dollars in a month? Did they really lose money? How can it go missing? Isn't it just a concept of value?
Conceptual values basically just discourage or encourage, for better or for worse. These trends have relative design based on reactionary science. Justice is a balancing act. NOW depends on justifying THEN, so (that) what was done (on so many levels) seems unjustifiable (and discouraging.)
The most discouraging loss revolves around The Indus*trial Revolution. Profit worked well with production values because it took advantage of resource development. The lack of waste management is what undermined the sustainable factors.
The reaction of information (and service-needed) can't maintain a profit motive. The NEED to "make money" was transfered to government as a symbol of responsibility. The last administration ridiculed information (science) and service (acceptance.) The correction means it destroyed a whole political platform. A new foundation of encouragement has been established to bring the last hold-outs into violent opposition.
My opposition is to let debt make "money" settle for value-less-ness. That "in-the-red" balance could conceptually create a new value of health maintanence. Socialized medicine could conceptually evolve a civilized health-care system without profit-motive. Don't let a word discourage US! Use all the missing balance to encourage doctors to break the bonds of "systematic restriction" with advocacy agencies evolving from the same workers that had to deny care to the needy.
The "faulting" process seems to be the cost-key to the discouraging . Agreeing to yield information is the response of resolve. Compensation is the encouragement we want to invest in. The difficulty of change must gain a new value in expedience.
The discouraging toxins that must be declared as symptoms for treatment are below contentment on the care scale and all of the indifference spectrum. The negating reflexes are important lessons of response abilities. Responsibility must be the best asset to acceptance.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

steam heat

The concept of credit created a greater debt than hope could have conceived. Reality is a paradox that depends on relatively equal and opposite reactions.
The reversal of fortune depends on relief distribution instead of business as usual.
The energy of alternating currency implies (most) payments should reverse their direction (from industries, back to their resources / customers.)...otherwise?...
The is no capitalism without capital (gains.) Investing in debt yields that!
Responsibility can no longer be denied to reflexive rationalizations.
Healthy attitude demands a support industry that values social equality relief.

Statistics of exponential change demand respect for the unconceivable.
I am demonstrating a style of writing that is revelatory, even for the writer.
Creation of a plan must be much more spontaneous that rational thinking.

I appeal for a credit to respect more influences than appreciation generates.
Take a risk on this chance to wonder about dropping a fully empty pot.
How wonderful is this mental exercise?
If all information reduces to zeros and ones, are you one yet?
The computer operating system needs new applications.
The regulation of flow is not enough, so the government needs principle support.
The victims are so transparent they seem invisible until you acknowledge payment reversal has to stop being "tricky."

The effort invested here could prove deserving research for a new projection of hope generation.
I deserve to design a rating based on encouragement to RE:evaluate.
If you reviewed my case you will find hidden treasure where you least expect it,
and my best offer just might be deserving to be a case study (of forgiveness).
The chance to be considerate will be easily ignored, AM I RIGHT?
Sometimes the best answer is another question. WILL YOU ASK ME?
"What good is self-esteem IF, you just sit by yourself and steam?" ~

Toastmaster Weds.

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.
, it is accepted as being self evident~

A. Schopenhauer
(1788 -1860)

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Oh that one

If all information reduces to zeros and
ones, are you one yet? this Information Age, without a computer,
you be a zero?


health observes profit

Modern methods of production have given us the possibility of ease and security for all; we have chosen, instead, to have overwork for some and starvation for the others. Hitherto we have continued to be as energetic as we were before there were machines; in this we have been foolish, but there is no reason to go on being foolish for ever.

Bertrand Russell, In Praise of Idleness, 1935, pg. 15

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Krishnamurti

We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it
oppresses. - Carl Jung

After observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason
and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live
up to it. - Buddha

When the well runs dry, we know the worth of the water. - B.Franklin


Sunday, March 08, 2009

daylight savings time..

even if you can't save anything else!

credit encouragement

They didn't lose the capital...
it has been turned to shit...
and doing the research freedom that balances credit
can turn it back to a fertile potential of debt relief.

Convert debt investment into healthy attitude
being practiced as credit incentive allowances.

Allow all hospital and doctor bills, manipulated
by inflationary institutes, to neutralize as a disappearing act
so that THAT emergency bail-out (paradox) could jump-start
exponential supportive relief from "making money" responsibilities.

"The trouble with this rat-race is that even if you win
you're more likely to be a rat."

Redistribute healthy habits as a value to reward practice
so we can ignore the discouraging indulgences (for profit) by
recognizing service and information propagation. (teachers & care-givers.)
An intercourse economy needs three branches, information transparency and service quality, to make up for less production that pathologically has wasting impulses. (plunder production)
Start by extending the single payer health plan, that the
government enjoys, to public entitlement for representation of equal rights,
then add actual credits to contribute health extension.
Turn insurance to assurance!

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Friday, March 06, 2009

poor (/wealthy) loser?

The Republican behavior demonstrates "Victimizer" mentality!
so the more OBAMA is their "victim" the more he is related to the majority that is growing exponentially!
Only victimizers (should) see socialism as a threat
with/to everything thing there was (capital*) to lose
was (in) their "*power of advantage."
Bernard Madoff demonstrated how the reflex sucks
even "friends" for all they got!
..soon we will STOP bailing-out victimizers and
admit the social(infra)structure IS the victim
that deserves the same Single Payer health care
the Government "victimizes" themselves with...
reparation would pay participation supple*mentally.

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I suggest...

...a suggestion is like a hyperlink
with adaptive access properties
(for response abilities..)
BUT a COMMAND limits function.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

social advantage? I read Common Sense again today,
I realized that The United States was the
best socialistic experiment ever
attempted by Western Civil-ization,
whereas indigenous cultures have proved
socialism respects natural sustainability..
by NOT having to pay for armies ~ no taxes!
Peace is the best economy.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

care to deny?

...when you tell the truth,
memory is clear in degrees of care
(if you have to try, to remember,
there are degrees of defensive denial)

"..if you told the truth,
you wouldn't have to remember
what you said." ~ Gov. Jerry Brown
to Gov. Bill Clinton ~ 1992


Contentment is...

Happiness without reason!

The linear thought pulls at each end
so the other end of happiness is a
compared relief from frustration
or it wouldn't be reasonable.

So to be without reason
might be the ultimate freedom.
Contentment or... you desire to be reasoned?

...some think I've made myself
purposefully unreasonable...


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Know Thyself

..when Jesus said he was the son of God,
did he just mean Himself?
...or was he offering a choice? join Him? much exclusivity do you
project on others' spiritual being? (inclusively?)

Religions are supplements for those who
don't get enough spirituality in their diet...
don't take that wrong, I try many
supplements everyday..

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bitter pill

Is it healthy that
so many health care workers
hate their jobs?

They should be able to encourage
with evaluation, rather than force
harsh judgments to limit help.


Application to re(de)fine credit

How people can be useful is the responsibility of job creation.
This economy has stopped being useful. There is no capitalism without capital.
Let me share presentation levels of useful observations and experience (opportunities) to understand that donation is the appropriate response correction.
"You're crazy" is the common response to my style of thinking.
Being a (conceptual) artist is a symptom of physiological differences.
My right-brain approach is alien to (normal) thinking appropriateness.
It is risky explaining perspective to a linear rationality.
Trust can only be built in relation to efforts of encouragement with integrity.
Observation gets past emotional defenses if only sub-consciously interesting.
So please consider this reevaluation;
Insurance creates a gambling game by paying ahead for disasters that haven't happened yet. The growing insurance requirements forced every aspect of our social trust to invest in disaster.
..and now that..
Developing credit is a debt growing commitment... Why are the most successful people surprised that their investments in debt and disaster succeeded to be just that, conceptually?
A new concept of successful reflexes demands an education of response abilities.
Our primary motive of "Making Money" is responsible for limiting our abilities by overlooking the real values of behavior, (limiting to a line) the potential of intentional dimensions.
Serenity is acceptance that relativity uses honesty to know self-interest with limits.
Courage is the response of confronting the difficulty editing possibilities.
Sharing is the first response of recognition as agreement.
Wisdom allows for new understandings.
Healing is a practice. Doctors experiment with managing conditions in doses of attention.
My interest in sustainability might offer your best chance to evolve a supportive value without capital indulgence.
Before my blogspot scares the CRAPITALISM out of you, consider the integrity in the archiving, which starts at the time of my website, and... consider how credit transparency could expand economy to a three-branch system of checks and balances....and neutralize the parasitic defense reflex.
Production capital negated the values of information and service for proper care-giving to social diversity. Redistribution has healthy implications to circulate currency. Where is the best hope to end social dis-ease?
Give doctors the bail-out budget to pay patients to do what's best for themselves (as supplemental health care.) Develop health care agencies as expediters of supportive practices that grow so fast they don't need advertising if community development appreciation is deserved. Entitlement is not capital but values of inclusionary patriotism.

My ideal job would be creating values nobody has designed yet, before socialism fails too.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

more or less!

...people take the point
to set themselves apart, but
yearn to give their part
to com.unity points...
for integrity to balance...
or they feel pointless...

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beginner or ender?

..there is that encouraging point of conception,
contrasting that point of conclusion (or judgment,)
every point between has purpose...or is that
just a line?


a diplomatic radio

I've got to keep checking my signal,
or my message gets static.