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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

responses vs. reflexes

Ever since ADAM & EVE there has been a budget on how much an individual can appreciate.
The Creator warned that the critical reflex acquired by eating the fruit of knowledge would change their appreciation of living! (and Him?)
Blaming the Creator was speculated as the worse behavior in the commandment to not use The Name in vain.
Blame, shame and threats are the paths of pathological thinking.

Prayer should refrain from criticizing how life appears.
Prayer comes from the word praise and should always make the effort to appreciate what is in the mind in that state.
To be constant in praise is the goal of meditating mindfulness.

Human choice reduces to two basic moods of either appreciation or criticism.
Criticism is basically frustration which is aggravated by the desire to be happy.
Is there a myth of someone who was constantly happy (and appreciative?)
The point of contentment seems to project the best balance. Know thyself

We don't need to judge others when their choice of behavior seems to evaluate their human condition in balance with spiritual appreciation, (we judge ourselves!)
The ability to share is the concept that allows democracy.

Our constitution contains basic principles and was amplified by a bill of rights.
Law making and law enforcement was acknowledged as the tax "problem."
The military debt of The Revolutionary War connected US to the international banking casino.
The deist energy of the founding fathers recognized how religion gets in the way of spirituality, thus the separation of church and state.
Exceptions were made before rules or we couldn't all be made so exceptional.

Acknowledge the critical reflexes activated by this style of writing and try to exercise response abilities that appreciate.