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Thursday, June 22, 2006

tip o hat 2 Andy Rooney

I am reading The Tipping Point because this swing in polarization has to react with unification. My experience with collective subconscious trend surfing has been validating and exhilarating. It is obvious time for the industrial military complex to be declared bankrupt - if you saw Andy Rooney let President Eisenhower tell it like it is. There is a rule of 150 that I call the saturation spectrum that is as far as we can see until. . . A new trend will hit mainstream all at once from 150 trend-setters. Outcasts make the kind social observations that care spiritually. Every savior was a risk-taker. Innovators feel for social issues while mainstream tendencies take things personally.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

argue recognition

Many people fail to recognize
the value of a disagreement.
the dynamic of conflict creates power,
The power-hungry must cater
for their appetites, creating arguement.

My point seems too inclusive to contrast
to the person who chooses to
solidify an opinion too soon,
a weakness to commit ideals in bronze,
or just performing defensive postures.

Play is better when fun shares experience.
Delight in enlightenment
which intensifies with sharing it.
Being human grows-up awareness
beyond natural structure functioning.

Isn't maturity when you cash-in
a bond, like contracts , with dead-line
penalties attached for conditional separation
for future recollection of immaturity
practicing different potentials.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

join the club?

Can a secret society be concealed from itself?
Secrets of the structure reveal timing.
Patience is trusting unknown understanding.
Is it that amazing what people will do
to deny what they are capable of?
If you could allow criticism to inspire
appreciation of truth, would you?
The collective understanding shares
when the lonely fears isolate desperation.
Threats can be left in past tense
when future unification needs trust sense.
Care is the quality that shows sharable
commitment to allowance for others.
Health is a flexible reflex adjustment
for tastes don't need to know the recipe
to get the idea of nourishment factors.
What if taking it serious(ly) is and life
expands by laughing as the secret handshake.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the informed donate

The values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (entitlements?) change with examples set by political power-brokers. The codependent relationship corporate funding imposes on government service has limited citizen respect in both directions. The most mentioned imbalance is health-care attitudes. There is more consideration to medical plans than job loyalty. Couldn't management and labor relations improve most by just moving coverage responsibilities to a national concern? America is non-competitive with the rest of the free-world considering the wasted efforts on this debate.

The profit motive form of our capitalism is based on a product economy. The industrial revolution created a new scale of indulgence. The ownership of property was such a powerful new opportunity that it ignited manifest destiny. Material opportunities polarize with the obvious deficit struggle with greed.

The way religions and service groups rely on donations give them a spirit of community awareness. The motivation of appreciation allows the service of education to gain value like an appetite for nourishment. Consideration for interactive growth cycles won't deny proper waste management. Compensation is an indication of responsibility.

How deep is the reflex to pay for what we get when we go to a store counter? Undermining this standard is the feeling that we are getting what we pay for. Quality of service and information can be more than we can recognize at first.

The bidding process has some interesting positive argument potential. The most difficult aspect is that it is based on gaining advantage rather than sharing informative relationships.

My tendency is to give people more for their money as I become more of a craftsman. When people are honest about how much can be invested into a project resources get directed to the right goal rather than distracted by insurances. Good performance deserves better behavior bonuses.

Free-agents of service and information could work for suggested donations on a kind of sliding scale that develops relations of trust (if health insurance was an entitlement.) The art of not-for-profit contentment counseling would help find satisfaction in a less punishing (expensive) governmental model. Couldn't all the money corporations donate to campaigns be more supportive (economically) run through the tax-machine?

I suggest that the first two paragraphs of Common Sense could inspire a better attitude. The right to a good argument without fear of quarreling would access resources from our teenage tendencies(to question). Profit is a tool of reward that is unfortunately used too often as punishment when someone has to lose. The checks and balances can be fine-tuned for win/win potential if we encourage our country to stop being so adolescent. Wouldn't more freedom come to elections if the two-party facade evolved to a more primary-like chance for individuals?
(Start equalizing campaign reform!)
If people enclosed a suggested spending percentage chart with their taxes, could they feel like they were participating with a voice?

Monday, June 12, 2006

chance freedom?

With freedom there is a 50% chance you are making a mistake! The hardest truth is how freedom limits trust. To accept instability is the first step to suggest free-thinking as winnable. Gambling finds ways to ruin the playing aspects by creating serious considerations. Most free moments seem like totally wasted time or could be bought meditation experience. Freedom values non-judgment.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

reflecting themes..

Relying on rules (as material standards) make judgment both bad and good. Finding exceptions made teaching better as a process (that ends not until I do). Marriage could be the best partnership due to the vow, "for better or for worse."
That person never has to be bad again if you accept unconditional love as the standard to purify self-love. Love can become better than being "in-love" when it seems more in control and adaptable. Exceptions came before rules or life would be so exceptional.

Those open to the options of life that freedom offers have to realize that blaming and shaming is the inability to share responsibility. Name calling projects levels of judgment that reveal limiting emotional intelligence factors of the caller. Kids can be so innocent when they pay attention to differences until adults think bad things are implied. The reflex to upset victimizes exponentially.

The need to punish is burden of government and how it devalues teachers to keep education away from freedom. Systems try to force pre-conceived results. Materialists try to mould uniform behavior constraints for controlling reactions to their demands (rules).

Stream of conscious observation directs awareness, The better relation than victim of/& provider recognizes support systems of natural discovery. Like the garden (of Eden) of the hunter-gatherer, seasonal awareness ( exceptional timing) supports contentment.

What upset the provider (Creator) was wanting knowledge over others of SELFish powers. Desire to be clothed was to produce false imagery of "better-than" thus creating judgment - beyond discretion. That apple tree story helps me to remind readers of source materials in my Dec. archives. I tried to plant the seed of Common Sense to nourish developing balance of powers.

My respect of teaching is to share the stories that hunt for the purest truth-gathering points of view. Revolving repetition like the sun, the moon, the earth, create layers of recognition that seasonal patience extends understanding unity. As drops of reflection pool together, a reservoir of hiSTORIES give us the opportunity to float our boat(s) and fish. The bigger fish (or their stories) are sharable lessons.