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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

therapy group?

Painting air was the point of The Arty Party. When I first went 15 years ago the host also directed me to a storytelling group. The networking of creative people could be the breath of fresh air that brings values back to contentment with contribution opportunities.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its all relative . .

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Savant 2 B ALone

my frustrated idealism . . .
is causing "ought"ism . .
I hope I don't get opinionitis!

party games?

The Republican party (administration) has not only
left the room (conservatism) it has left
the country (to foreign support)!
Isn't the national debt "redistribution of wealth?"
Isn't debt of any kind considered liberal?
The way they left it . . .
implies they don't love it?
To honor their wish for less government
couldn't they all resign?
If they had empathy (for justice/equalization) wouldn't they
militarily con-script themselves to the peace corps?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open Letter To The Supreme Court

~ In a time when culture is obviously out of balance we expect exceptional judgment.
The Supreme Court judgment concept implies the most inclusive reality.
We must agree that problems are being amplified due to the limits of our evaluation processes. Discomfort affects our abilities to behave appropriately.
The expectation that punishment works has kept society from resolution benefits.
~ The denial reflex makes us defensive when we most need supportive solutions.
Blame and shame are symptoms. The intentional harm of opinion dictatorship was the motivation to develop democratic representation.
The deficit responsibility is evidence that supportive values have been removed by imbalance in our present credit system.
~ When the legislature acts against 90% of the represented public opinion, a constitutional violation is considerable.
Executive responsibility is causing anxiety to 80% of the popular conscience.
The spirit of constitutional pertinence is demanding enough attention to consider that this is the closest to dictatorial violation we should allow to go unresolved.
Accountability has trickled down on the victimizing actions of consumerism.
Consumerism has been damaged by the degree that we don't get what we pay for.
The Bush Administration's lack of responsibility for social justice to resolve itself points to The Supreme Court's power of approval.
~ Consider that denial causes depression outlined by The Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Trauma Recovery. Denial, Anger, Bargain /mediate, Depression, Accept
The healing potential of agreement is the democratic acceptance that diversity has limits.
The differences of this administration makes it offensive enough to denounce its constitutional interpretations as ignorant and abusively destructive. The evangelistic influences which separates "America"s are succession symptoms.
If rationalization is responsible for this, isn't it constitutionally treasonous?
~ I believe the foundation of idealistic genius in The Constitution of The United States is best stated in the first two paragraphs of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Monday, October 20, 2008

public reform 4 re:public(an inform

The Republican Party sold out the supportive value of paying appreciation to what makes taxes necessary symbols of partnership privileges.
Their behaviors show interest becoming more obviously based on deception, not respecting maintenance expenses.
Their pathological form of integrity can't help but be projected on making taxes something to lie, cheat and steal about / from.
Considering wages of accountants, lawyers, administrators, etc. better spent avoiding (paying taxes) to credit infrastructure unity costs healthy image dues.
Power(grab) forms loyalty as a commodity market and people are resources.
The need to indulge individual force undermines how sharing equalizes strength.
Those who would create weak points on purpose need beneficial constraint.
Will the sold-out monetary values mean more dis-eased loyalties? and lead to resolving the head's attention for the body?
The multiplication of trickle down has eroded the foundations of building up response ability.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

social values

Socialistic ideals are necessary for "individual equality" rights of The Constitution, and is explained best in the first paragraph of Common Sense.

Creating negative values to impose on others is bully behavior (and projection) promoting lack of care.
The way this (Bush) administration started redistributing the wealth to international ownership is the (extreme) debt behavior while bailing-on workers profit margin to sell-out the whole social fabric as a blanket resource for money interests to keep burning when they obviously need to be smothered.
Opinions, as defensive reflexes, demonstrate the reality of authoritarianism as conflict. ~ no resolve in the two party paradox.
The people that most need governing have (the symptom of) monetary power.
Making money is an exponential responsibility but the way they buy exemptions with accountants, lawyers and contributions expose their patriotic values (as lacking.)
The value given their agents could have gone to social values (like paying appropriate attention.
The socialistic reality of most wealthy is how they redistributed the wealth to have it (like an obvious symptom of imbalanced behavior.))

Sharing is the neglected education. (generosity is powerful medicine / nourishment)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

actually . .

Abraham Maslow said,
"The definition of a good society is one in which virtue pays."
"It is only when people get righteously indignant over being swindled, that people will tend to stop swindling. If swindling pays, then it will not stop."
"Authoritarians must be converted or they must be excluded."
"Proper management of the work lives of human beings, of the way in which they earn their living, can improve them and improve the world and in this sense be a Utopian or revolutionary technique."

Maslow's psychology is based on self-actualization.
Since this implies it takes us out of self-ignorance, I need to return to my theme of paradox. ~ Not knowing is important for the element of surprise. Is there a more powerful way to become aware?

The party-pooper that wants most to remove surprises is the authoritarian.
I only pretend to know how something is done until it IS done.
The authority knows! That's it!
To have more than authority ~ just know that you don't know. SO . .
I went to virtue on Wikipedea & was most attracted to the four noble truths which inspired this interpretation:
~ Conflict is relativity, the virtue is willingness to use questions when awareness seems imposed or limited, freedom seems to come out of change (struggle factors.)
~ Creativity is the response ability to give individual assets to value systems. Sharing is the best way for others to appreciate (be with) what you have (maintain.)
~ Climax is the style of judgment (extending beyond opinions) that shares Respect like the way we use evaluation (healthy sharing attitude.)
~ Equilibrium is contentment from the spirit of resolve.

To "have" something is to take it personal, but the paradox is duration of the person.
You think you have a life, but it will spoil if you don't make efforts to preserve the interests of BEing and responding adaptability.
Sharing (having with being*) gives those interests more value as equal participants.
Generosity (sharing*) is difficult without self actualization (acceptance.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

deny profit loss

What if your net worth is now half what it was?
Does that mean half of the work of that twenty plus years was un-paid?
Could that mean all prices should be halved to address the manipulation of so many values?
The price to self-sustain in this costly society is overhead demands so, well over half our economy has lost over a decade of what once was profit.
We have been turned into a NOT-FOR-PROFIT economy because we are now servicing the national financial gambling powers at severe loss.
There might never have been as desperate a socialist (& militaristic) system as how this government mutated while BUSH "Republicans" have obtained more responsibility (& money) than constitutionally respectable.

Denial is becoming more obvious as discomfort used to distract restorative suggestions as illegitimate effort. Lee Atwater's "dirty trick" was to call "them" what "you" are for confusion.
The "NO" reflex (symptom) is connected to a primal feelings of loss.
Depression is the reaction of denial so defenses change (or erase) memories. The way we see hints at credibility.
Honesty is the best chance to inoculate the deception that causes so much dis-ease.
Can you miss (the) nothing (that) left?
Forgiveness is so I don't have to forget.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

adapting to peace

~ Peace is the eye in the center,
everything else seems to spin around
supportively or against the natural seeming (norm.)
~ The most restful stillness is the most balanced
attitude fulcrum between natural approval
acknowledging human impulse to criticize,
like for an infant to say someone is fat
feeing natural, not to make them uncomfortable.
~ Who's projecting the dominant attitude?
~ Parenting shift to suggesting more than expected
honestly turns critical responsibility transparent,
and not so easy to project.
~ Of all the characters supporting my personality,
how the directing is shared role practice,
allowing scene design many perspectives
to contribute values of production performance,
as a trustworthy gestalt.
~ Scientific design can interview metaphysical
understanding with great agreement
to insightful partnerships.

~ Mediation is the spiritual need for
conflict resolution to leave no victims.
~ Adaptable attitude has bounce in its flex.

Monday, October 13, 2008

restore money

We see ignorance in the market because money is a gamble.
Doesn't this "correction" lower the minimum wage for more than a (past) decade?
We have never had a representative government or The Constitution wouldn't suggest how much work is needed to pay attention for misinterpretation is human. Mob rule.

I give credit to this administration for many convoluted values,
even to the extent that this crash was planned as an experiment at taking all the money.
How smart is someone like Cheney if he planned everything the way it happened? "How bout that HAT TRICK? heh heh"
The victimizers offered the population to be seen as resources to harvest commecially.
Powers of consumerism WILL consume us.

Maintenance is the attitude of responsibility.
Profit assumes that paying for appreciation is appropriate victimization.
Profit motives undermine equality with deceptive secrets.
This system has obvious weak values that point to care-giving.
Education and family values reinforce getting what we pay for.
Being educated and part of a family are priceless values of connection.
"What do you do?" is the question that alienates us (from just being as validation.)

Personal compensation for integrity means what we are doesn't excuse what we do, we forgive (ourselves) so we don't HAVE to forget.
Even if Bush didn't conspire with Trade Tower destruction, the reality of people who do believe it worldwide is growing. The advantage taken seems disproportionate to democratic standards. "Beware of the military industrial complex." Eisenhower warned.
Military abuse includes Backwater and other disrespectful expectations. Military intelligence manifests in the funding they get without any demand for self-sustaining financial responsibility. Creative leadership suggests a greater good than personal doctrines. The unrepresented percentage of population has been symptoms of a coup and corruption enough before to demand action. The opportunity for The Supreme Court to gain more respect than it ever had is ripe.
The responsibility for social reform is not a judgment as much as description journalism. We don't judge intentions and that is all opinions address.
If our hired (elected) administrators can't maintain constitutional intention of stability the punitive system must credit their salaries as restorative resources to adapt.

If everything spent to neutralize foreign problems was available to distribute among citizens, as a restorative credit, civilization would create so many values, sharing would eliminate desperation. Attitude is our most impressive import.


human matters

Humans try to make concepts matter.
Matter is considered elemental existence.
If a concept existed, how would it matter?(without a projector of being?)
The sense of existence is a relative story of specific matters.
The Golden Rule (Karma) concept inspired enough stories to make sharing the standard of awareness.
How values source with the Gold Standard illustrates that conceptual beauty matters more than real needs (that will never relate to gold.)
To write to reveal means confusion is natural freedom of thought to find more (than what was considered reasonable before.).
Thinking attaches to master conceptual formulas to contrive certainty.
Rest certain forms and change might find contentment in be incomplete(d.

How much each body matters depends on self image.
Self understanding is the response abilities developed to relative environment.
Structure is value of form that matters most to understand balance.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Victimized by judgment patterns,
conservative and liberal politics are judgment extreme styles.
Answers try to end the misunderstandings of questionable processing.
Progressive balance will create points of decision that can alter nature.
Concepts form symptomatic influences from healthy to toxic in natural scale.
I can be of the opinion that my world is level and still, and still understand the huge round foundation called Earth is in constant movement with increasing clarity.
Admitting to anxiety is the purpose of opinions, as a pace setter in my active image~nation.
The liberal side of journalism depends on access to information as observation opportunity.
The regulation balance maintenance is a service of mediation as diplomacy.
Governmental weakness is reactionary distraction with power accumulation.
Sharing accomplishment is foundation of pride development.
The privacy urge questions the value of mistakes.
Decision responsibility implies ideas have consequences.
These symptoms of character are resource activity talents to educate.
The commercial variance is to sell advertising as access value.
This new inter-webbed generation is completely aware that information expedites judgment.
The fourth amendment to the balance of powers is the mediation suggestion service.

. . I know, it's another huge brain sneeze that needs work "between the (out)lines"~ B4d

Sunday, October 05, 2008

who's asking?

By raising a question of judgment,
makes it a questionable judgment,
while supportive credit passes
attention to share care better.

Don't most questions imply
to deny responsibility?
. . or could it invite sharing?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

bailed on!

"All the government gives US,
is requirements to qualify
for their right to limit ours"
. . outlaw that toxic treatment!

Support our HEALTH,
enlist Assurance (In)corporation.