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Friday, October 17, 2008

social values

Socialistic ideals are necessary for "individual equality" rights of The Constitution, and is explained best in the first paragraph of Common Sense.

Creating negative values to impose on others is bully behavior (and projection) promoting lack of care.
The way this (Bush) administration started redistributing the wealth to international ownership is the (extreme) debt behavior while bailing-on workers profit margin to sell-out the whole social fabric as a blanket resource for money interests to keep burning when they obviously need to be smothered.
Opinions, as defensive reflexes, demonstrate the reality of authoritarianism as conflict. ~ no resolve in the two party paradox.
The people that most need governing have (the symptom of) monetary power.
Making money is an exponential responsibility but the way they buy exemptions with accountants, lawyers and contributions expose their patriotic values (as lacking.)
The value given their agents could have gone to social values (like paying appropriate attention.
The socialistic reality of most wealthy is how they redistributed the wealth to have it (like an obvious symptom of imbalanced behavior.))

Sharing is the neglected education. (generosity is powerful medicine / nourishment)


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