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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

adapting to peace

~ Peace is the eye in the center,
everything else seems to spin around
supportively or against the natural seeming (norm.)
~ The most restful stillness is the most balanced
attitude fulcrum between natural approval
acknowledging human impulse to criticize,
like for an infant to say someone is fat
feeing natural, not to make them uncomfortable.
~ Who's projecting the dominant attitude?
~ Parenting shift to suggesting more than expected
honestly turns critical responsibility transparent,
and not so easy to project.
~ Of all the characters supporting my personality,
how the directing is shared role practice,
allowing scene design many perspectives
to contribute values of production performance,
as a trustworthy gestalt.
~ Scientific design can interview metaphysical
understanding with great agreement
to insightful partnerships.

~ Mediation is the spiritual need for
conflict resolution to leave no victims.
~ Adaptable attitude has bounce in its flex.


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