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Monday, October 13, 2008

human matters

Humans try to make concepts matter.
Matter is considered elemental existence.
If a concept existed, how would it matter?(without a projector of being?)
The sense of existence is a relative story of specific matters.
The Golden Rule (Karma) concept inspired enough stories to make sharing the standard of awareness.
How values source with the Gold Standard illustrates that conceptual beauty matters more than real needs (that will never relate to gold.)
To write to reveal means confusion is natural freedom of thought to find more (than what was considered reasonable before.).
Thinking attaches to master conceptual formulas to contrive certainty.
Rest certain forms and change might find contentment in be incomplete(d.

How much each body matters depends on self image.
Self understanding is the response abilities developed to relative environment.
Structure is value of form that matters most to understand balance.


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