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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

coldest climate change

What are the odds that any leader of a country TODAY represents their majority population?
Doesn't this prove that leadership is by constitutional definition a coup?
When Obama turned his first debate with (just) Hilary into a discussion he seemed to allow for the president role to become more of an advocate or agent of social (r)evolution.

If McCain/Sarah Palin is the closest to what the constitution had in mind, it is still intending this country to be an empire. This administration has been a paradox to conservatism as the ultimate example of self-destructive freedom given to children. The punishment is to take away all their toys. For The Supreme Court to demonstrate responsibility for allowing Bush access they must now define his treasonous regime (gang) as a coup and freeze their assets.


Blogger Vincent said...

very interesting points, B4d. Yes, I love that, the idea that leadership is a coup. It's done by seduction, which is so much more powerful than violence.

And perhaps the most powerful tool of seduction is to anaesthetise your victim's powers of resistance in some ritual way, with looks, words, razzmatazz.

Perhaps leadership is date-rape?

9/24/08, 8:47 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

So Vincent, can we get them to pay for dinner & a movie?

Keeping leaders neutralized is such high maintenance & they do do (self) harm in asking! It reveals their approval needs.

9/27/08, 5:26 PM  

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