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Saturday, September 13, 2008

money reservoir

Money values have been drained like a reservoir.

The behavior of draining economic sustenance
seems like conspiratorial projection
that capitalistic profits can sell-out democracy.

COMMON SENSE by Thomas Paine introduced the relation needed between social and governmental culture by arguing the end of monarchys' empire wars. Properties adapted to personal rights acquisition.

Alexander Hamilton neutralized extremes of "rankism" exemplifying the injustice done for dignity. His service class occupations turned personal opportunities into supportive balance of asset organization to balance imperialistic manifest destiny with (re)public respectful philosophies.

The civilian sustaining consumer needs design tribute taxes to comply with social privileges depending on the demand manipulation through supply styles, thus allows consumer paradox of being harvested as they surrender compliance.
Endured servitude is contracted expectations making gambled generosity a punitive risk by degrees of delusion.

Reality is a quality of understanding honesty / honestly.
TRUST is invested interest for appreciation timing.
Integrity recognizes behavior connections attract and repel concepts of healthy balance of power generation(s.)

DAM Power created by constricting rivers is stagnating the cleansing of currency.
The harding of the arteries that exchange values (as knowledge) increases risk factors.
Banks run along fault lines so . .
. . misappropriated weight (leverage) is changing rotation on earth's axis, demonstrating punitive pressure of accumulation by restriction.

Credit correction is a revelatory conceptual creativity amplifier by rewarding flow, opposite (in order to balance) by saving mass stagnation?


Blogger BBC said...

I'm still getting by, but I saw it coming and prepared for it the best I could.

Been doing all the camping I can this year, out there is about the only places I can find any sanity on this bat shit crazy planet.

Peaceful paths, Bill

9/15/08, 5:06 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Peace that passeth understanding, Pastor, thanks for your donation.

9/15/08, 11:03 AM  
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