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Monday, September 29, 2008

suggesting a point

The point is everything we were told to trust is needing damage control.
Those we trusted to know didn't and so the cycle is back to my college days when we said "question authority", my response was always, "Says who?"
But now the point I always stress is that paradox is a relationship of balanced powers.
Most questions are from inadequate answers by authorities proving;
Authority is never beyond question if freedom is to be a trustworthy value. I KNOW!
"It is not at all simple, to understand the simple." This was quoted by my High School art teacher who introduced me to the author of "The True Believer." Eric Hoffer further said, "To spell out the obvious is often to call it into question."

To feel confusion warns me that I am about to repeat an old mistake. Self forgiveness offers the new perspective to confront how I victimize myself with reflexive behavior.

I went to the JCC to see Michael Krazney interview George Lakoff, writer of The Political Mind. Credited with being the founder of the most progressive think-tank, called The Rockridge Institute. His best point was to explain the framers of policy.
The imagery of framing suggests creating limits to what we can relate to.

People can excuse themselves from the truth by allowing themselves to say what others want to hear thus creating a character distortion. . such was another lesson of evaluation manipulation.

. . then I went home to real responsibilities of evaluation . .
when teaching my teenagers to make their own identity choices . .
my goal is to encourage self approval, emphasizing the choice to edit critical habits.
For me, this IS reason to make suggestions because my point of view will seem as sarcastic as theirs' ~ After all there is something "funny" about what is being called serious these days, ~ But, It drives them crazy to the point they tell me to tell them what to do.

I recently was reading (the book) 1776, by David McCullough, and received validation from The Father of our country. McCullough describes how General George Washington would suggest directives around his officers to counter-balance his authoritarian projection by respecting theirs. The style of requests he developed was important inspiration for The Continental Congress to consider. ~ DIPLOMACY IS CONCEPTUAL ART and Washington was a designer on many levels, like Jefferson.

When I was on a management team, I learned to use my confused image to share responsibility! I would describe the task to my workers, and then ask them if they could repeat what I had said . . because, I would say, "I'm not sure I didn't leave something out." This gave them mental rehearsal time. I implied that if they could find a better way to do it, I would appreciate any improvement.


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