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Monday, September 29, 2008

yield to suggestion

Hopefully, I can present myself as a conceptual artist with this suggestion;

Someday count how many STOP signs you relate to in a day.
This authoritarian demand, STOP, is framed in a red-hot octagon.

In Elementary school my kids saw the motorcycle cop parked on their path, hiding to catch drivers at the stop sign.
At Freitas Prkwy and Del Ganado my kids have seen the cop cars parked on a sidewalk between two fences, harvesting that stop sign.
Stop signs have an attitude of trap when the real test is if you care.

So what if there was a big-red-heart-sign,
in that triangular shape ~ like a yield sign,
it could imply the potential decision at an intersection,
and ~ if the four big white letters said, "CARE,"

then maybe a better attitude to respect the pedestrians, and the neighborhoods, and the reactions of others could be encouraged.

Even if this never actually happens on the street level,
I have now planted that image in your realm of choice
and you can choose to see a better style of accepting traffic congestion, with relaxed confidence in others to share your care . .

Can I suggest you choose that attitude, and see that heart?
Thank you for the consideration.



Blogger Anton Baer said...

Now that is an amazing concept. Change the Stop sign to 'Consider What May Happen If You Don't Stop' (in sign language - a heart - of course.)

The stop signs in Slovakia also say Stop (in English) and not 'Zastavte!"

Thank you for your Bradism on anger management. Wise words. It makes me mad that I can't think of that stuff myself before I get angry.

I don't see a place on the Bradisms site to leave comments.

10/20/08, 2:23 PM  

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