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Friday, September 26, 2008

Profit value exchange paradox

The more money you had, the more lost with every fluctuation.
My neighbor was told her house could sell for over a million dollars but the reality fluctuated to the tune of a quarter of a million dollar loss in two months.
When she agreed to pay less than $20,000.00 around 1970 that (might have) seemed like more of a liability than feeling like she lost $250,000.00 last year, by waiting four years to cash-in a "sure thing."
If she hadn't projected she had so much worth the loss of value (to her) wouldn't have been so extreme.
Projection needs a screen and the screen of money has lost high definition value.
The acquisition of personal assets can be symptomatic of how investors feel about their country and attitude they contribute to their culture.
Less money could be a more "free-time" lifestyle choice and (so) suggestions of struggling sustainability may be a projection of the definer.
Victimizers had assets in proportion to taking advantage of social weakness(es) for money.

The "get poor" lifestyle has much less anxiety than grow rich impulses imply.
(*Lettuce) Yield unto Caesar what is Romaine. (salad*)



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