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Monday, October 06, 2008


Victimized by judgment patterns,
conservative and liberal politics are judgment extreme styles.
Answers try to end the misunderstandings of questionable processing.
Progressive balance will create points of decision that can alter nature.
Concepts form symptomatic influences from healthy to toxic in natural scale.
I can be of the opinion that my world is level and still, and still understand the huge round foundation called Earth is in constant movement with increasing clarity.
Admitting to anxiety is the purpose of opinions, as a pace setter in my active image~nation.
The liberal side of journalism depends on access to information as observation opportunity.
The regulation balance maintenance is a service of mediation as diplomacy.
Governmental weakness is reactionary distraction with power accumulation.
Sharing accomplishment is foundation of pride development.
The privacy urge questions the value of mistakes.
Decision responsibility implies ideas have consequences.
These symptoms of character are resource activity talents to educate.
The commercial variance is to sell advertising as access value.
This new inter-webbed generation is completely aware that information expedites judgment.
The fourth amendment to the balance of powers is the mediation suggestion service.

. . I know, it's another huge brain sneeze that needs work "between the (out)lines"~ B4d


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