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Monday, October 13, 2008

restore money

We see ignorance in the market because money is a gamble.
Doesn't this "correction" lower the minimum wage for more than a (past) decade?
We have never had a representative government or The Constitution wouldn't suggest how much work is needed to pay attention for misinterpretation is human. Mob rule.

I give credit to this administration for many convoluted values,
even to the extent that this crash was planned as an experiment at taking all the money.
How smart is someone like Cheney if he planned everything the way it happened? "How bout that HAT TRICK? heh heh"
The victimizers offered the population to be seen as resources to harvest commecially.
Powers of consumerism WILL consume us.

Maintenance is the attitude of responsibility.
Profit assumes that paying for appreciation is appropriate victimization.
Profit motives undermine equality with deceptive secrets.
This system has obvious weak values that point to care-giving.
Education and family values reinforce getting what we pay for.
Being educated and part of a family are priceless values of connection.
"What do you do?" is the question that alienates us (from just being as validation.)

Personal compensation for integrity means what we are doesn't excuse what we do, we forgive (ourselves) so we don't HAVE to forget.
Even if Bush didn't conspire with Trade Tower destruction, the reality of people who do believe it worldwide is growing. The advantage taken seems disproportionate to democratic standards. "Beware of the military industrial complex." Eisenhower warned.
Military abuse includes Backwater and other disrespectful expectations. Military intelligence manifests in the funding they get without any demand for self-sustaining financial responsibility. Creative leadership suggests a greater good than personal doctrines. The unrepresented percentage of population has been symptoms of a coup and corruption enough before to demand action. The opportunity for The Supreme Court to gain more respect than it ever had is ripe.
The responsibility for social reform is not a judgment as much as description journalism. We don't judge intentions and that is all opinions address.
If our hired (elected) administrators can't maintain constitutional intention of stability the punitive system must credit their salaries as restorative resources to adapt.

If everything spent to neutralize foreign problems was available to distribute among citizens, as a restorative credit, civilization would create so many values, sharing would eliminate desperation. Attitude is our most impressive import.



Blogger brad4d said...

Values are natural, money is the experiment(that fuel wars.)

10/13/08, 10:34 PM  

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