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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

deny profit loss

What if your net worth is now half what it was?
Does that mean half of the work of that twenty plus years was un-paid?
Could that mean all prices should be halved to address the manipulation of so many values?
The price to self-sustain in this costly society is overhead demands so, well over half our economy has lost over a decade of what once was profit.
We have been turned into a NOT-FOR-PROFIT economy because we are now servicing the national financial gambling powers at severe loss.
There might never have been as desperate a socialist (& militaristic) system as how this government mutated while BUSH "Republicans" have obtained more responsibility (& money) than constitutionally respectable.

Denial is becoming more obvious as discomfort used to distract restorative suggestions as illegitimate effort. Lee Atwater's "dirty trick" was to call "them" what "you" are for confusion.
The "NO" reflex (symptom) is connected to a primal feelings of loss.
Depression is the reaction of denial so defenses change (or erase) memories. The way we see hints at credibility.
Honesty is the best chance to inoculate the deception that causes so much dis-ease.
Can you miss (the) nothing (that) left?
Forgiveness is so I don't have to forget.


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