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Thursday, October 16, 2008

actually . .

Abraham Maslow said,
"The definition of a good society is one in which virtue pays."
"It is only when people get righteously indignant over being swindled, that people will tend to stop swindling. If swindling pays, then it will not stop."
"Authoritarians must be converted or they must be excluded."
"Proper management of the work lives of human beings, of the way in which they earn their living, can improve them and improve the world and in this sense be a Utopian or revolutionary technique."

Maslow's psychology is based on self-actualization.
Since this implies it takes us out of self-ignorance, I need to return to my theme of paradox. ~ Not knowing is important for the element of surprise. Is there a more powerful way to become aware?

The party-pooper that wants most to remove surprises is the authoritarian.
I only pretend to know how something is done until it IS done.
The authority knows! That's it!
To have more than authority ~ just know that you don't know. SO . .
I went to virtue on Wikipedea & was most attracted to the four noble truths which inspired this interpretation:
~ Conflict is relativity, the virtue is willingness to use questions when awareness seems imposed or limited, freedom seems to come out of change (struggle factors.)
~ Creativity is the response ability to give individual assets to value systems. Sharing is the best way for others to appreciate (be with) what you have (maintain.)
~ Climax is the style of judgment (extending beyond opinions) that shares Respect like the way we use evaluation (healthy sharing attitude.)
~ Equilibrium is contentment from the spirit of resolve.

To "have" something is to take it personal, but the paradox is duration of the person.
You think you have a life, but it will spoil if you don't make efforts to preserve the interests of BEing and responding adaptability.
Sharing (having with being*) gives those interests more value as equal participants.
Generosity (sharing*) is difficult without self actualization (acceptance.)


Blogger lee said...

An important element of surprise is letting go of the know-it-all pretense ego-based defense that reduces the surprise value of information ..and blocks development.

* just know that you don't know * ..sounds like a good starting point.

10/22/08, 1:14 PM  
Blogger lee said...

..and a damn good attitude

10/22/08, 3:45 PM  

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