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Monday, October 20, 2008

public reform 4 re:public(an inform

The Republican Party sold out the supportive value of paying appreciation to what makes taxes necessary symbols of partnership privileges.
Their behaviors show interest becoming more obviously based on deception, not respecting maintenance expenses.
Their pathological form of integrity can't help but be projected on making taxes something to lie, cheat and steal about / from.
Considering wages of accountants, lawyers, administrators, etc. better spent avoiding (paying taxes) to credit infrastructure unity costs healthy image dues.
Power(grab) forms loyalty as a commodity market and people are resources.
The need to indulge individual force undermines how sharing equalizes strength.
Those who would create weak points on purpose need beneficial constraint.
Will the sold-out monetary values mean more dis-eased loyalties? and lead to resolving the head's attention for the body?
The multiplication of trickle down has eroded the foundations of building up response ability.

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Blogger lee said...

Brilliant observations ..well said. Deception, as practiced by party in power, leads to distorted sense of loyalty and value. Lee

10/20/08, 6:02 PM  

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