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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Paradox of Focus

By ALLOWING my desires
to become MORE translucent
I find FREEDOM from despair

Monday, October 15, 2012

Enlighten economy shadows

The role of the banks must be exposed and balanced with what "social security" really means as a concept of ASSURANCE. INSURANCE allows banks to run a kind of gambling casino with your life and values, and if you lose interest they break you until your broke. This is the real separation of public qualities with fear of loss until all the freedoms are tied down in red-tape. Why can't we follow those legal manipulations back to who is ultimately responsible?
A second branch of economy could pay people to realize basic behavior defines the quality of culture. Pay people to appreciate learning and everyone would have a job. Turn the Dept. of Education into a redistribution program of a re-derived debt understanding. Capitalism is a shadow economy that will burn out without enlightenment. Light is the projection of integrity under the banner of equality, and if there are trillions more to scheme on there might be more positive schemes (austerity vs. entitled-care.) This would be foundation to forgive student loans and re-educate insurance gambling and grant creation for bank exploitation. The economic recovery immediacy from all the spending allowed if those paying student loans had that money to spend, could save more than our middle-class. We could afford American made products again!