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Saturday, February 28, 2009



Friday, February 27, 2009

Peace Tables

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

grip on my lip


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

insure deviation

When participation in a credit system is losing
sustainability, stopping is the natural reflex!

Human awareness will create criticism reflexively.
Responsibility grows from design experience,
prioritizing for better or worse.

Accepting or forcing that respect is (in) questioning,
styles of reflex structuring leads to foundation values.
The value of capital became over-dominant by ignoring other
entitlements as great as the country's healthy supplemental education.

The response of support is in the equity to appreciate victims rights.
Geico commercials tells you "that is the money you could save," but...
It is really what they charge each customer to tell you that.
The system has become un-respectable in deviation.

Monday, February 23, 2009

cure debts and taxes fade

Doctors produce healthier attitude with
diagnostic experience records.
This supple)mental economic credit is
DEBT-DEFYING, that rewards for more
acceptable behavior towards victims!

The pervasive desperation factor (for money) emotes
a feel to grasp for unusual denial patterns.
Awareness turns patho)logical if discouraging.

Evaluation gains value with encouragement.
The contributive behavior habits of support
allow qualities to emerge naturally responsive.

The Industrial Revolution profit motive
works miracles for production values but
unifying (democratic) information and services were
constrained, packaged, and sold out to socialize offense,
WHAT NOW must be medicine (socialized defense?)
The best dues to pay would allow respect for
doctors to zap the parasites by recruiting
assistance (pay patients) to balancing behavior practices.
To neutralize all doctor and hospital bills
erase past due with reinvested faith credit that was
already consumed by "mistakers/victimizers."
This could zap the debt dominance virus with
conceptual assets they try too hard to hide, (keep from?)
Care-giver credits as compensation for excessive
evidence of UN-HEALTHY advantage taking.
Taxes are just an excuse to look demanding...
What if authoritarianism is obsolete?
More equal value systems!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

redis tribute the market (& banks)
discourage the nationalization of banks
proves to be most natural reaction because
it is counter the behavior* that got us here..

Financial "Industry" put too much stress on
profit by investing debt is the only need for
insurance gambling on disaster, and surprise!
...the house of debt and disaster won!

The doctors are best trained
to diagnose and prescribe balance.
Health care is a social support value
to compliment economic currency.

Transparency will allow observation
as we address the misconception paradox.
Industry needs banks and markets to
supplement in provision credits for growth
of service and information to keep up respect.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


..since democracy was conceived as the end of monarchies, it was designed to coexist extremes in attitude (states of belief.)
The antidote role (three branches of governing) was inspired to reject taxation.
The United States was created as a health plan for parasitic behavior.
When the balance of support is lost to dominant symptoms, they must encourage the debate..even to confrontation of principles.

", liberty, and the pursuit.." ..of insurance payment values?

Health care makes us invest on possibilities,
so that WHEN bad things DO happen,
be prepaid for the best value?
Shouldn't Insurance* consider a tweak into an assurance style?
This *gambling attitude as been used to set up a dealership of competing parasites (as lobying demonstrates reflexively.)
"Tapeworm Economics" coined Catherine Austin-Fits.
If investing in debt has been so powerful to manifest it,
what about the potential of health credit interest paid back as appreciation values to balance the books?

The socialistic bail-out of wealth must be dosed with
socialized medicine as a portal of new values in credit FOR~DEBT!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

budget allowances

How can it be a balanced budget..
if life becomes so instable with it's allowances.

..between private & secret.. know secrets is like...
to know when your going to die!
...private is the most intimate comparison...
could privacy be where comparison stops?
Secrets appear to be like investing in debt..
.. the risk factor of gambling.

Privacy creates individuality,
secrets steal equality.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

ECO-SOCIAL maintenance NOW!

It is the "Common Law" of economy that is revolting!
The socialization of common wealth-fare
became depriving in ways that
social stability programs supplement.
How does this seem healthy?

It is ultimately the value of complex living
that has been turned into products for profit.
Capitalism was a gamble that lost (capital)
and the house is breaking down, as it folds under its spoils.

Emergency situations call for physicians' care!
Common medical research demands could pay resource contribution.
Incentives to extend care should be reflexive entitlements
for systematic support appreciation networks are called parties.
Common health should be the most patriotic
"gold" standard quality sharing society.

"A" revolution is a service of information value redistribution.
The jobs needed are not part of common trends, but individuality interviews.
Polling for the exceptional reaction would be health related credited support.
Responsible behavior gets a new value certificate for participation compliance. Invested interest yields appreciation.

The money image needs a balance of powers.
Checks and balances imply service and information
need a contrasting style of compensation correction
to the profit motive of The Industrial Revolution.

May I suggest revolutionary Health Care Service (credit participation) to
evolve The Information Era?
Wealth could be treated like a parasite.

Friday, February 13, 2009

campaign for trust

Remember the campaigning financed very successful job networking.
What working felt like is a powerful value for the unity created as the polling became more like national discussion and contribution.
Healthcare could be a powerful effort for unity.
The contribution potential can infuse the economy as a credit source.
Participation in healthy behavior pays reparation for the wealth parasite.
Think of the health-care we could provide with the wealth-fare already "invested" as the potential "in kind."

Self-sustaining credit could grow from monthly installments
allowing payment for presenting information in adaptable forms.
Doctors are the prescription
for curing ignorance by sharing
their practice of observation, but
sometimes they'll feel they have to
pay people do do what is good for themselves.
This could remove the penalty reflex for malpractice
if "bail-out" was considered the price of education.
Education could be tuned-up to give credit rather than re:enforce debt.

Entitled education as healthcare has to be free from profit motives.
Programs to balance bail-out books overlooks individual equity as citizen work for healthy conditions, from self and family to community and environment and should earn monthly appreciation by standards set by banking budgeting the debt business.
If government wasn't in the loaning business there would be no taxes.

The balance of powers in democracy needs to extend to currency health.
Profit was good for production values but toxic to information
due to secrecy standards.
A support credit needs to be created for service industry
to maintain the most healthy unity.
Intellectual property is another value
that should not have profit-motive pressures.
The financial vehicle for accumulating conceptual properties is called A Trust.
To create Health-care support could encourage the most trustworthy
value yet.
Care-giving is the behavior to reward for the biggest change.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

donation ideal the bail-out..
any ASK for money (donation/volunteering)
proves socialism has become
the only answer as treatment behavior,
because missing capital proves capitalism sucks,
reality implies the behavior shift "correction."

Socialized wealthcare stole healthcare,
Wealthfare socialized governmental needs
faster than military spending.

Health credit is supplemental support
for entitlement to collective quality shares
defining patriotic integrity (investment) and
balanced attitude as healthy exercise programs.

Observing debt connection to healthy habits should
create value of contribution to statistical
resource development, like infrastructure
on a service level, credits practice attitude adaptation.

Removing financial desperation could be greatest ideal.
Every "bail-on taxpayer credit" should neutralize (& cancel)
medical expense pathology that sold energy for power.
Allow care to become the forgiveness of needs ~ shared.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

non-profit view

Observe Production Economy...
. . tools design balance by budget...
There are RELATIVE styles of recognition.
. . patterning experience to extend interest*
Conceptual Values distort norms for contrast.
. . this style of risk should not be punitive...
*Mathematic relations materialize
conceptual RESPONSE abilities...
Maintenance habits are symptomatic...
hygienic attitude to health entitlements,
considering what is emerging care standards...

Support is a service that must care more
than profit (or the cost is that
we experience discouragement pathology)

Denial reflexes fuel depression?
CARE to appreciate!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Those welfare critics..
now find themselves creating
WEALTHFARE... when most wrong!
So the obvious contrast cure is
HEALTHCARE supportive infusion.

Every bail-out credit could invest
support to pay for healthy understanding...
since the last leaders sold-US-out
with "Suck It Up" imposition of limitation,
bonus compensation must become ongoing
socialized medicine interviews as a national
resource development of symptomatic statistics.

Entitlement of supplemental qualities are healthy
reaction to wealth-poisoning (toxic greed.)
Pay into social health habits to maintain
the right of those to abuse profit gambling
by rewarding care-giving encouragement.

To acknowledgment t
he two-value line of style contrast
President Obama refers to, means three branches of
economic influence as social evolutionary values.

Monday, February 09, 2009

The "anti*dis*damn*capitalism"


Thursday, February 05, 2009

desperation reparation

Here is alternative desperation reflex
slapping ourselves in the face.

The consumer extreme needs to coexist with a sustainable balance
in the values-added appreciation of the users
by extending credit
as supportive educational exercises.

Benefactors must appreciate the interests of their contributers.
~Health is the support system to create
a credit balancing power alternative.
~Wealth was the distraction that pays in responsibility
for risk redistribution.

Required insurance (betting) and taxation
for entitled infrastructure could be supportive
supply values as information and service
distinctions pay-off as entertainment qualities.

Experienced statistics could expedite exponentially
development of best designing encouragement
with honest appreciation training.

Behaving supportive is the choice denied when critical.

The critical reflex is a costly indulgence
that gets enough self-sustaining support
without having to amplify toxic reactions...

...but symptoms could create evaluation jobs!
Mediators are paid observers who get contribution credit as perspective designers.
The health-care integration movement could encourage introductions of information as recognition grows for evaluation journalism.

Reparation is the desperation factors' responsibility.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

patriot parasites

The paradox behavior of those trying to sell us the "Trickle Down Theory"
is how it turned into the "Suck It Up Parasite."
Catherine Austin Fits called it Tapeworm Economics years ago.

Money used to be building blocks now it is sand.
The foundation to build on is supportive credit for participation.

Getting healthy (and active) is the job that relates effort to contribution.
Filling forms is automatic credit to reverse tax needs, healthy interest must replace wealthy indulgence,
by integrated interviewing to practice understanding agreement.

Representation could be the evaluation exercise that qualifies advertising intent.
Supportive attitudes encourage, but discouragement makes victimizers critical.

We have become critical consumers (slaves) other than appreciative tribute givers (entitled patriots.)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Real Deal

Every request for bail-out shows faith in socialism, every (tax) dollar spent on corporations and military support is real socialism. The victimizers prove socialized medicine is the Healthy alternative to wealth redistribution. Citizen entitlement could pay for participation with health-care agencies expediting value extension of available "training for heath service information investment.
The denial of socialism is from those denying wealth advantages (that are NOT democratic w/o capitalistic excuses).
There is no capitalism w/o capital.
Doctors could prescribe Support Compensation to feed a "REAL DEAL" credit that denies debt. Every bail-out dollar neutralizes a "medical" debt (doctors, hospitals, research institute, etc.)
Education should neutralize debt too, considering the military model.
Because of deception as advertising, I have been writing under heading of Real Deal integrity needed to balance, the correction is a paradoxical Information Age.
The (free) Internet was the most generous opportunity to re-conceptualize waste management in documental scale, access to truth is exponential.
Supportive services can become more self-actualizing from contribution values. Survey design and interview experience creates case-work.
The lacking wealth can be treated with health value compensation.
Entitlement of representation admits greed's tendency to victimize reflexively. Treatment could be more symptomatic (as a value.)
Like teachers and housewives, doctors were de-valued because they didn't produce a product. Neutralizing the imbalance of policy disrespect would free timing values.
So-called health-care "products" could be statistical expediters (agents) of practicing diagnostics, trained to "Do No Harm."
Support is the new value demand patriotism should supply.