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Thursday, April 30, 2009

name that health plan

Single Payer Health Care is a name that has inspired some confusion
with the concept that must evolve to save the health of national values
comes the demand for instant credit, so when this name appeared,
I had to laugh. . .
Health Assurance Program Projected Yield
Credit must be created as a healthy alternative to the economic
manipulation of indebtedness.
Money, as it is now, needs two other branches of support
because it is based on production values of industry
that can't seem to sell information and service values
for profit without withholding advantages.
Health needs the advantage of convert able credit.
Education could find more credit in better forms.
Not just the industrious should be (respectably) HAPPY.


summarize 3 Rs

Relativity is reflexive authority of historic fact
~ victim as participant / follower / enforcer

Response abilities choose personal opinion
~ victimizer as creator / producer / evaluator

Respect is the community of sharing belief
~ care-giver as journalist / educator / spiritual poet

Relate How Response Respects

Every action works a reaction.
Reflex is relative to living in balance.
Life is the gift of relative connections to other lives.
~ Awareness is the critical reflex, from the first cry for breath.
The approval reflex recognizes comfort of care to relax thought.
Values of criticism and approval define the self as character.
~ The body has maintenance work scheduled regularly.
Feeding and sleeping will only be denied so long
and the heart lungs are exempt from conscious need.
What the balance indicates is a state health.
~ Reflex is the energy that justifies hypocrisy as reactive.
Relative equal opposite dynamic is natural.
Human focus limitations project personal traits of species.
Understanding is relative to experience with paradox humor.
~ The laugh is a reflexive response that enlightens with contrast.
Can you choose to laugh? Could this question inspire free-thinking?
Most reactions are predetermined with physical preparations,
like seasons are projections on the year of the times of a day,
physical factors limit how we think (and how) we choose.
How we misuse reflexes and responses is like not respecting the time of day.
Respecting how our interest is directed determines values.

Relativity is the authority of intelligent design by mimic of the previous standards.
Originality is only noticed as different from accepted patterns as relative adaptability.
Response abilities represent spontaneous corrections of a process.
The credit for previously unknown concepts stretches further to mimic what was lacking from the past.
Profit motives don't allow for unknown values by reflexive ridicule, humor starts the thinking that is critical so must oppose all that can be edited before accepting what will be self-evident.
Spontaneous defenses are the most costly corrections because of the attention demands that need value reconciliation.
Work is overpaid as redundant reflexes that justify given demands of the past.
~ Profit is relative to production values.
There may well be overwhelming evidence that responsibility is lacking from reflexive profit motives.
This mimics viral behavior of parasitic gambling to insure uncertainty.
Being unsure is inspiring for a responsive exercise to find new credit.
The refining feeling of gaining balance is a healthy respect influence.
~ Respect pays attention to equality to partnership.
Nature can't balance the influence human dominance has imposed.
The term Human nature does not properly respect who is supporting who when all we have to observe is the profit of disrespecting natural energy.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

oak on side

key to my . .

contrasted. .

I seem like a contrary person to most who reflexively challenge themselves.
There is a defensive dynamic that creates energy by contrasting, to test reality.

The process of making money has become enough of a gamble to be suspect. Administration hasn't worked out as well as paid out.
What people are being paid for is losing the value of pertinence when so ineffective.

How can the supportive networking increase the perspective of the cultural contribution?
Nature ideally represents cohesive unity,
support is entitled reflexively as an expected behavior of understanding,
so an individual, feels like paying for requested budget agreements.
This is the reflex that requires serenity to accept respective resource management.

The courage to respond is differentiation from expected performance values.
Volunteering is the self-sustaining experience of interviewing talent.

My earliest "conceptual art ideas" was when I paid taxes I thought that if I could offer a survey of preferences to how my choices would distribute this credit, I might feel more represented, especially if the related results balanced our community awareness.
I don't feel jobs and education do justice to potential statistical corrections to wastefulness,
known to undermine future values. .

hearts of...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

just asking. .

. . could the best way to get out of debate be
. . to ask the right question?
. . do the style of questions debaters ask
imply someone has to be wrong?

hey Bro...

. . just because JESUS said He was the son of God, doesn't mean He was excluding anyone . . I believe He projected the best interpretation possible overall, timing as only limit, but even that dimension still has inclusive energy because He implied family. . .

Friday, April 24, 2009

administrative costs

Education is not allowed to progress
beyond the level of prejudged thoughts
just by the act of certification. .
validation of relation verifies existence..
where is your identification?
Experience becomes critical consideration
when imposed as reflexive commands.
Approval must be earned when awareness
can neutralize the overpowering urge
to say, "NO!" We all use denial for sympathy.

When will a habit be declared unhealthy especially
if a majority opinion will bankrupt a culture (to enslavement?)
Trust is the path through ridicule and opposition to the next truth.
The inability to trust the value of money can't get over the boundary
it has created by allowing debt for credit as gratitude.

Supportive behavior is a credit.
Administrative behavior is the power to ask for debt.
"Authority" thinks others should be indebted.
Isn't the highest authority considered the "Country?"
The concept of owning our "own place" is the priority of shelter.
The expression of place is an attitude of sustaining participation in community.
Health is the maintenance of balance by degrees of toxic management.

The bail-out expected should inspire those expectants that
that administrative necessity as theirs as well
in sympathic debt forgiveness.

Executive administration NOT a for-profit job, but as self-sustaining service.
Only production costs produce money so that conceptual services that sustain
economical balance stabilizes from a three-point perspective of potential investments.

Health and education should not be debt producing concepts, but contributive values of the Service Era in the Information Age. . .
The IndusTrial Revolution must be forgiven for it's brutal disparity, and not cleaning up after itself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

administrative responsibility

How do I teach the victimizer that that behavior has been exposed?
Admit desperate change is a maintenance cost and will expire with the service value of past performance and relation to maintenance?
A majority of procedures need to reverse direction because they have become experienced as harmfully over indulgent.
Conceptual values have been under developed and used to allow criminal neglect as respectable funding styles..

Is there a where the money has gone? Could it be a common natural dimension (like winter?)
What if the economy is a living entity that must mature to oblivion?
Maturity turns healthy exercise into the exertion of treatment compliance.
Facing the final decision is about timing the availability of extensions.
Credit can only become debt with deceptive administration . . .
they can never consider themselves paid enough and allow the attention to service and research to share life timing.

Three branches of economy could maintain participation qualities as certified behavior that creates a credit invested in interest sharing like internet acquaintances imply values (of appreciation.)
Managing to acknowledge qualities of information could remove debt from service limits.
Lifetimes are budgets!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

.creative certification..?

..deny the problems aren't amplified by lack of governmental response-ability & predict how much longer? How obvious is bail-out "socialistic begging rights pointing to who REALLY created it?"
Socialized medicine is the only alternative to costly victimizing reflexes...and banks represent stability? Questions ARE the best answers NOW..or tomorrow?
Have "They" known what 'They' (Might) be doing in the past?

Conceptual properties can't maintain economic foundations of equality.
Land was once the whole country, represented by a monarch, The Magna Cartas were periodic deals with lords to honor "common law" possession rules for imposed class systems. This rooted in land responsibility for quality control by standard enforcement squads, and their equipment investment as weapon development choices.
The highest certification was the insanity of criticizing another persons' right to exist by threatening harm, general disparity, with corporal punishment depriving privacy for major-restriction to rank authoritarianism by socialized capitalization (taxes.)
Government should be indebted to WHO they represent if democratic, otherwise THEY rule over freedom.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arty Party


Money is King?

Attitude is the foundation of health and will determine the object of care.
Relative truth is reflexive but a response is an ability
to appropriate perspective for balance control.

Has social attitude towards money been appropriate?
Insurance (as investment banking) is the debt risk
that has attacked the healthy assurance of saving credit.

What if there could be credit without debt?
Health care must become a supplemental branch
of economy to evolve democratic representation
for behavior that supports innovation and progress.
Education can inspire healthy questioning or feed us
predigested answers, and constrictive formulas.

The profit industries were mutated by conceptual
immaturity that NOW must face the reality that service and
information is a credit that won't produce debt when supportive.
There is a contributive attitude that must be THE Respect Values
founded on self-assurance treatment with awareness training.
Money is a limit to the kind of credit that harmonizes
the economic diversity of democratic energy growth.

See it!? or be a resource (buck to pass.)
When WILL the buck stop here? There? Where?
NEVER! so get in the cure/currency/current/care/Common Sense/

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Health Care Reform

Single Payer is the best plan but the name causes image confusion so I was inspired to think of a new approach when I heard that in spite of growing public interest going over 50% approval, it was only mentioned 5 times in the New York Times last year ~

~ Care Assurance Network ~
Creative credit for self-sustaining participation;
* Relative regularity ~ habit training as primary care value growing
* Response ability ~ exceptional development case work networking
* Respect paid as C.A.N. dues ~ redistribution of supportive resources a branch of economic value stimulation, health services are representative points of sharing mutual support.
...the informational process recognizes contributors with merits for participation.
...the acceptance of even uncommon truth is the social fabric that weaves the best integrity for investment in innovation.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sense and Meaning

I would like to believe caring is intuitive. When we see a child or anyone in need the natural reflex is to offer help. We barely even think about it, care is too energetic for judgment. So, maybe some "things" are more meaningful than making sense of life?

But because life is a crash-course (without a manual) it seems logical to invest in insurance but should we pre-pay for supposed disasters that may never happen? This attitude of gambling changed THE response-ability of self-assurance we used to feel towards saving. ~ The American lack of saving is a symptom of HOW we invested in chance.

A sense-able response is reflexive repetition, "For every action there is reaction," This law of motion led to the Relativity theory from the Golden Rule, "What YOU do, will be done TO You!" because energy equalizes timing of mass movements. WE are destined to repeat lessons until we crash the program and upgrade to a better operating system, hopefully with more memory. The freedom to respond independently develops ONLY after many repetitions, when these reflexes start to seem redundant. . .experience hopes we can appreciate how interest extends with respect. We find more natural responses create the energy to move past the force of reflexive conditioning. Conceivably this self respect is the GROWING VALUE.

Knowing your self is the KEY to the treasure of awareness. Early documentation of this responsibility was offered by Socrates when he had it placed over the entrance to his school. "KNOW THYSELF"...Self approval is reflexively complicated by how awareness manifests as criticism. This starts the debate as the form of test we expect in our educational system.
I prefer experience becoming the best education because truth is a process we practice like healthy habits.

Arthur Schopenhauer lived from the time of the American Revolution to the time of our Civil War. He was appreciated by Freud and many contemporaries for observing psychological trends on the search for truth. His famous quote says "All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self evident."

My teenagers reflexively ridicule a large percentage of my information these days. Unfortunately for them I can enjoy sarcasm most of the time so the opposition has opened many a debate. Since my Dad was comfortable playing Devil's Advocate with me this can intensify their frustration.
As the first son of social workers I WAS an experiment in transactional analysis...The debate game between parent (victimizer) and (child-like) victim can become less oppositional when evolved to a more even dialog, of adult to adult, this can illustrate how personal understandings becomes respectable to others.

The reflexive manipulation of beliefs tend the debate to polarize us from
truth-making integrity. Consider how embedding media functions made for a style of reporting that sold the truth short. There became such a heightened style of ridicule that even George S used Sunday funnies on his THIS WEEK show from comedians that use sarcasm of news events on their shows.

The failed leadership styles played up the reflex to polarize making recognizable that oppositional behavior can expose an obsolete ideology especially after Senator Obama took the first singular debate with Senator Clinton and set an example of dialog to refresh an American attitude of acceptance just in time for drastic restructuring.
~ This President's example of open dialog is helped by the honesty of referring to the separation of wealth attitudes.
Finding common ground, in dialog, is the goal but the debaters will hurt others to win (favors.)

The damage of gambling as economic administration is not as debatable anymore when Capitalism has been deflated by the vaporization of capital.
The obvious dialog is developing fast.
If in gambling the house always wins, Who IS The House & Why would They DESTROY Their Source of INCOME? unless they ARE pathological deniers!

"If your house was on fire what reflex would YOU manifest on the neighbor haggling on the price of his garden hose?"

So I offer this article as a tool to encourage the attitude of social dialog to cool the anger of debating reflexively. ~ because wisdom does not enter an angry mind.
On personal levels this could mean the wisdom of inner dialog can settle some inner debates, especially when we think we need answers. The sense of learning I offer asks, "Why not...?"