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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The stress war?

Desperation is a human symptom,
it grows from the seed of disagreement,
the worse manifestation is war.
Isn't war an agreement to do (those)
desperate acts to others that cancel
the value of supportive living?
How far can truth extend debate?
Giving a guess is all awareness allows
or certainty would demand no life/change?
Generosity can heal more desperation
for the giver than the gift giving
represents to others (with dis-stress.)
Rest can only come after stress!

Friday, April 18, 2008

missing relativity

Commitment of a chain can't be explained beyond the weakest link, which will be the first to feel desertion, and probably project it to the need of the others.

invested interest appreciates

My form of prayer is to praise efforts of appreciation.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Supreme Rulers

Get the same court that put Bush in office to admit that he is responsible for the evident state of selling-out constitutional standards that has threatened the quality of democracy defined by The Founding Fathers. This is an easy description of changed conditions of his leadership responsibilities that assumes accountability was wanted to be honestly charged to individuals for restorative powers to become acknowledged as necessary. The vote doesn't connect us to his actions as much as representative government definitions (in The Constitution) intended. His intentions don't matter as much as obvious results, & that can be ruled on. Treason by ignorance?

Hilarry, Mobama, & McCurly

I am so glad that Hilary and John have admitted that Barack is more elite because that proves they know he is more qualified to be the leader by definition. If people could only see how much they admit they are phonies . . by decoding what they say . . as paradox! Who is the most respect-able clown?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

loser denial

I believe the Iraq war was conceived with vanity before 9/11 even happened so to feel this war could have ever been anything but IN VAIN is denial. The war was lost by starting it and what this country has lost is undeniably the designers' responsibility. Dare to think China is unfair to Tibet, then realize how unfair Bush made his government even to his own expressed standards. Restorative justice must get around the attention they want to steal and has to stop feeding their defensive reflexes ~ relativity makes us victims of reactions so a new "Responsibility Theory" is my objective. Wanting to punish (or impeach) them is a trap that will keep the energy from where it needs to go. Ask the Supreme Court if they are "providing for a more perfect union, defending national security, etc."?!? Aren't they obviously the invaders and plunderers of civilization? Who would deny that respect is losing value by missing payments?

Friday, April 11, 2008

awe some

Being certain is a symptom of defensive costs, the only attitude that can permeate opinions is the right to acknowledgment of possible correction in contradiction. This administration will steal our attention, attention that needs to show them a better restorative justice, away from apparent disaster amplification (as punishment.) The certainty of "The Decider" has continued to show more symptoms of instability on every level of his concern. They blunder because they desire (to) plunder?! Doesn't he seem sELFISH to you?

Confusion is the right to question freely! Wasn't the constitutional convention considered mostly chaos? Isn't the diversity factor good for investment? Could the conFUSING nature of my writing be conceptual potential birthing?

I believe my broadening of any point is the therapy that keeps you from the insanity of certainty. ConFUSION is how The Creator seems to manifest his best energy. Without AWE would we even have some awareness motivation? I wonder!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Easter in S.F.

Morgan, Hanna, Esther & I went to the park by the Exploratorium,
after fun with the usual suspects, we stopped at Haight Street


Thursday, April 03, 2008


The deficit of natural balance in attitude has the human experiment with freedom in deep manure. American capitalism is loosing value in this cycle of correction. The profit motive has become "take advantage-ism."
This parasite economy is effecting the healthy attitude of global change. The best chance we have at restorative justice is called "contribute-ism." The new value system needs to be based on participation sharing.

As long as Authorities believe they can tell others what to do there will be defensive costs and imbalance. The authority system is an aged concept connected to the retirement ideal. Lifelong learning needs to provide for active connections.

Conceptual properties are accumulated in a vehicle called The Trust. Physical properties prop-up a facade of self-worth that can become isolating with harsh realities of maintenance. The encouraging factor of concepts are enlightening the possibility that physical properties will not be freely maintained. What if ownership enslaves people to their property?

How much is history entitled to maintenance? Could the education of our evolving behavior lead US to liberating motivation? What wonder would you like to contribute to a community unity?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

denial imbalance

Denial is problematic.
We accept living naturally, (did you ever pass-out holding your breath?)
but choice means awareness creates editing (response) abilities.
Out-takes, like regrets, are the byproduct of choice.
Where we place our waste is starting to catch up with us.

For better or for worse expresses the best process of consideration.
The critical issue is to appreciate the turns for the worse as stabilizing.
Don't we all wish we could understand pruning to improve natural growth?

Integrity results from diversity awareness of human amplification.
Human influence will inevitably have intercourse with natural frontiers.
Appreciation of the host is the most agreeable understanding to share.
Imbalance is the condition that denies including additional weight (of existence.)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Appreciation Integrity

ALL problems are man-made.
Nature is energy seeking to improve life.
It seems to have taken a large foundation to create the vehicle which carries awareness. Could this be the most supportive attitude of self-acceptance?

Constant change is the paradox of life.
Confusion is more natural than rationalization.
To be certain is a symptom of patho(logical) reasoning and unrealistic.
What is more real than constant change, to describe living (truth-fully?)

Those statements are my qualifications to observe and question.
I wonder at so much information that I can donate stories with generosity,
but shouldn't the value of good questions get paid attention to?
Paying respect is the appreciation of the best others offer in information or service.

Critical credit makes everything victim of location and duration, time and space.
Approval is a conceptual balance that individuals take advantage of others with.
Taking advantage of credit will make profit a parasite problem.
Could the punitive payments of capitalism convalesce into restorative justice?

Situations are natural combinations of Energy and mass as becomes relative to light traveling at fixed speed squared (or timing.)
Couldn't the simplicity of relativity entitle the collective consciousness to understand unity exponentially the way computers and cellphones represent communication growth?

For every action the human reaction challenges the natural choice odds.
The natural relative theory is the autonomic system but choice needs a response ability theory.
Unless taught otherwise mankind tends to love life.
With appreciation integrity we pay attention and pay respect to lifelong learning.

That is my trilogy, Relativity, Response ability, Respect as constant appreciation.