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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The stress war?

Desperation is a human symptom,
it grows from the seed of disagreement,
the worse manifestation is war.
Isn't war an agreement to do (those)
desperate acts to others that cancel
the value of supportive living?
How far can truth extend debate?
Giving a guess is all awareness allows
or certainty would demand no life/change?
Generosity can heal more desperation
for the giver than the gift giving
represents to others (with dis-stress.)
Rest can only come after stress!


Blogger BBC said...

I don't think war is an agreement.

At least not in every sense.

Most of them are a result of greed or religious beliefs or a need for something, like food, or a combination of all.

4/21/08, 3:32 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Heard of The Geneva Convention?
Pacifism is the disagreement, in approach, in emotions, in what takes the most strength and conviction, etc.

4/21/08, 11:22 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

Pacifism: The belief that all international disputes can be settled by arbitration.

Well now, you see, if we didn't have international borders and looked at and did things differently things would be more peaceful.

One world, one peoples, one governing body. Internationalism is a dumb way of doing things and creates problems.

Borders and countries should only be a way of understanding where you are on the planet. If people had complete freedom to go live and work where they like things would spread out.

I don't care if others come here, as long as they are peaceful, many Americans would like to go somewhere else but it's to difficult for them to go to many countries.

Until such time as mankind adopts one governing body and drops nationalism things will continue to be a mess.

4/23/08, 5:02 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

. . this is the spirit that inspires me the most, thanks Bill

5/13/08, 9:29 AM  

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