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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

denial imbalance

Denial is problematic.
We accept living naturally, (did you ever pass-out holding your breath?)
but choice means awareness creates editing (response) abilities.
Out-takes, like regrets, are the byproduct of choice.
Where we place our waste is starting to catch up with us.

For better or for worse expresses the best process of consideration.
The critical issue is to appreciate the turns for the worse as stabilizing.
Don't we all wish we could understand pruning to improve natural growth?

Integrity results from diversity awareness of human amplification.
Human influence will inevitably have intercourse with natural frontiers.
Appreciation of the host is the most agreeable understanding to share.
Imbalance is the condition that denies including additional weight (of existence.)


Blogger jim said...


Good points these, that editing mechanism is important, even when we think it isn't.


4/2/08, 10:37 PM  

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