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Friday, April 11, 2008

awe some

Being certain is a symptom of defensive costs, the only attitude that can permeate opinions is the right to acknowledgment of possible correction in contradiction. This administration will steal our attention, attention that needs to show them a better restorative justice, away from apparent disaster amplification (as punishment.) The certainty of "The Decider" has continued to show more symptoms of instability on every level of his concern. They blunder because they desire (to) plunder?! Doesn't he seem sELFISH to you?

Confusion is the right to question freely! Wasn't the constitutional convention considered mostly chaos? Isn't the diversity factor good for investment? Could the conFUSING nature of my writing be conceptual potential birthing?

I believe my broadening of any point is the therapy that keeps you from the insanity of certainty. ConFUSION is how The Creator seems to manifest his best energy. Without AWE would we even have some awareness motivation? I wonder!


Blogger jim said...

You, Bradford are exactly right! That is how it is, but that is for now, later, sooner rather, that even will change and clarity has to become outstanding.

But for now, absolutely right!

4/13/08, 12:07 AM  
Blogger Roberta S said...

I so agree, Brad4d. It is only my sense of awe that confuses me enough to keep me wondering. I like the way you always explain things in a way that makes me never fear I may have 'read into it' a false interpretation because you give readers space to form their own responses. I wish my school teachers had had this special skill that you have. I would have Ace'd a lot of those exams if I hadn't been so bloody fearful of being wrong and looking very foolish.

4/13/08, 12:26 AM  

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