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Sunday, April 13, 2008

loser denial

I believe the Iraq war was conceived with vanity before 9/11 even happened so to feel this war could have ever been anything but IN VAIN is denial. The war was lost by starting it and what this country has lost is undeniably the designers' responsibility. Dare to think China is unfair to Tibet, then realize how unfair Bush made his government even to his own expressed standards. Restorative justice must get around the attention they want to steal and has to stop feeding their defensive reflexes ~ relativity makes us victims of reactions so a new "Responsibility Theory" is my objective. Wanting to punish (or impeach) them is a trap that will keep the energy from where it needs to go. Ask the Supreme Court if they are "providing for a more perfect union, defending national security, etc."?!? Aren't they obviously the invaders and plunderers of civilization? Who would deny that respect is losing value by missing payments?


Blogger Vincent said...

Oh yes! And well expressed too!

4/14/08, 12:48 AM  

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