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Monday, July 26, 2010

liberal truth

The future depends an appreciating what liberal truth is...

The odds that liberal thinking is going to look defensive is due to the strength of opposition from those being the critical reaction.

Liberal attitudes allow for living with problems by a style of appreciation that is denied by the critical attitudes of judgment.
Appreciation gives us the effort to think harder than a critical reflex.
The challenge to reduce choice to appreciation is the introduction of critical thought.
The story of The Garden of Eden implies mankind lives in bliss until the awareness of unknown desires come to fruit.
I believe The Creator would warn Adam and Eve of expanding knowledge.
They were told that changing attitude (by gaining knowledge) would blame others if they became critical.
I don't think they were denied knowledge but misused it.
How the Creator receives credit has a critical cost or charge.

The reflex to blame, shame and threaten is in the knowledge of good and evil. Evaluation helps us conceive all the elements of a situation before judgment reaches conclusions.
The best antidote is to consider the vow, "for better or for worse."
Liberals try to see spending as a better investment while the critics look for the worse expense.
The simple truth is in appreciation until a critical impulse complicates it.

The best contribution of conservatism is conservation but the discovery of liberty is a liberal awareness.
The point of the truth is in how close it is to a conclusion or a conception.

Behavior can either contribute or eliminate values between being assertive and defensive, I have witnessed conservative behavior reuse (eliminated) points in defense and think they were being assertive.
It is easier to remind someone (reflexively) than introduce a new (liberal) idea, this is the difficulty in dialog between being relative and responsible for a future variation.

Monday, July 19, 2010

re-solve reality

Being removed from reality has both a better and worse interpretation.

Awareness has choice elements from critical thoughts to feeling appreciative.

The point of journalistic observation is that description places facts in time.

Symptomatic reflexes from experience respond in a kind of stylistic pattern.

Prerequisite behaviors determine standards of educational relationships.

The relative construct of responses qualifies our value systems as reality.

Inevitable changing points of view limit lifetimes into stories that begin and end.

Between conception and completion reality can change the truth perspective often.

Truth is an agreement to believe we choose to share understanding processes.

Appreciation is in what we invest our interests.

Passion is when rational thought relaxes to allow emerging properties to emote.

Attitude is the recognition of resolve between supporting and editing priorities.

Focus of interest is the payment of attention for what must be eliminated is critical.

Emotions remind our thoughts that life-energy creates a reactive force of revelation.

Happiness is the removal of frustration from our efforts to relax and recreate.

Contentment will neutralize intellectual and emotional desire for attention.
(To be content with this list of suggestions is an exercise if finding agreement.)
(IN RESOLVE) Try to replace "happy" with content,
Then consider the vow "For better or for worse."
It is better to feel appreciation than to criticize.
When we think things could get worse we feel forced into a critical attitude.
The environment of appreciation is a better feeling of supportive energy.
So the basic choice is to be appreciative or critical and the more balanced the state of mind allows choice to create contentment. Diplomatic control of emotion is suave.

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