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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sprained finances?

If we want to heal this world, beginning with this country, replace ALL SENATORS with DOCTORS! They would represent a second branch of economy for CARE-GIVING. The money is already owed to the future, because nonexistent entities (the future) can't be responsible as The Senate (for the debt.) Re-derive a value system that supports a republic again. 

At the transition, the Doctors must all have student loans, because that scam must be addressed, as the symptoms of the same special interests that derived the debt. The financial freedoms designed by doctors might include investing in their own practice. Literally paying patients to strive to be healthy, like it is a class. The country should invest in education to the extreme that studying is a legitimate job for everyone. Invest in education and the doctors will be the new "One Percent" of that economic branch. 

The change in attitude this health trend inspires could allow the care-takers branch of economy redemption for their misguided obsessions. Creating the best products again might be encouraged by this new spending power of homogenized economy. Non-profit and profit motives could seem more symbiotic than parasitic. 

I have been reading Madison and how he set up the senate for "Wealthy interests," so if we just change to "Healthy interests" we will need Doctors, pledging to "do no harm."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parallel universe revolution

This is the kind of social-structure I would like to see introduced to this culture by a good mini-series. If we could handle the purest freedom of being a monkey, this would be the perfect model. 
Let me introduce you to the Barast Utopia...