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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Military Precedent

What if no man can become the monster
the job of President has become?
If they continue with their trajectory...
their heads will be coming out their mouths soon...
With their heads where they've been...
everything is ass-backwards...

Why doesn't the military voluntarily rise to
the challenge of saving this country?. .
by sacrificing their budget? ! ! !
Isn't sacrifice what they ask of our families?
Time to show if understanding sacrifice necessities
are courageous enough to be admitted...
volunteering what has been misappropriated?
How do we scream that they are suffocating US? ! !

More war spending than care management*
would lead any extra-terrestrial observer
to consider us uncivilized, reflexively,
like western culture projected on indigenous cultures.
Why can't we respond like careful sharing is deserved?
*And what passes for care management?!
What percentage of national care justifies
entitlement to veterans and to what standards?
What if patriotism is peace-making?


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