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Monday, January 10, 2011

Make America a family.

As a conceptual artist, I believe a message can be designed to get the point across that I have "no confidence" in this system (that limits my voice to their vote.) The use of polling has become their confidence game. Remember when support was more than just financing?
What if we all wrote in Michele Obama to demonstrate support for the care-giver? Could this make the President be more aware of family concerns? Could she represent the shift from status quo to truly human considerations? How can we trust that he understands health if he smokes? Her role as observer now needs the chance to ask the tough questions.
How can the non-existent (future) be responsible for $14 trillion in mis-managenent? In mathematical terms doesn't that mean the deficit is non-existent? The need for every American to spend their $40 Thousand portion is the only way to save the economy. We need the well & fair state that only the mother figure can provide as care-giver.
Wealth has become the obvious symptom of obsessive compulsion disorder that the hoarders won't use reasonably. The indulgence of a few has destroyed the whole playground so that we must remove their bullying influence.
We need to keep the Obama legal team in place for no other reason than he tried so hard to shift debate to dialog! How hard is it to agree on that?



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