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Friday, October 22, 2010

not well for Obama

President Obama just treads water when American could most change with obvious reversals.
The hypocrisy, money can buy, makes blaming a symptomatic behavior.
What ever he is being called seems to be exactly what his accuser is to the majority.

President Obama is just in the hot spot of a magnifying glass that leads his way through the best bought path,
but at least his behavior has become more about dialog as he does the un-debatable. (path of least resistance?)
The potential intensity of characters projected on him reveal who IS gambling with deception...

The way President Obama designs his multi-faceted gem of a legacy generates conceptual risk for the power of frontier-leadership needs distribution of angles for massive reflection.
The empire of world domination out-spent the gamblers' insurance schemes so the players need to redesign exceptions to rules if adaptation is possible to consider.
The deficit could NOT be the future's responsibility, logically, so, reverse it's value as a promise for a Well, Fair State of affairs, & double the credit union values to spenders versus savers.
The money-keepers could not only keep their money but consider a new credit frontier to be obsessive and compulsive about.

The wellness revolution acknowledges that doctors should credit who they practice to know.
Reward patriotic health compliance as a organic behavior of maintenance capabilities.
The statistics of exponential interest to improve conditions would earn credit for recognition of principle intellectual pursuits as the investment of a research and development society engagement.
Streamlining economic concerns concentrate production values to balance worker pride in their system.
Self supporting systems become just that without being subjects of money gods / providers.
Leaders should imply they are going somewhere... NOT STAYERS!



Blogger Vincent said...

Sometimes your prose style reminds me of that of the late R. Buckminster Fuller. I have several of his books.

12/16/10, 4:57 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Intuition is his poetic stream of consciousness around the story of a ship "Intuition" and where he explores conceptually inspired me beyond validation.

9/12/11, 10:47 AM  

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