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Thursday, October 07, 2010

contentment as free-key

Could this indus-trial culture have made the job commitment a compulsive confinement?

You don't want to think your job perpetuates social injustice, but if you see "social injustice" there becomes a separation from your working role and that feeling of personal freedom. Integrity could be the principle that working for yourself represents. Independents need credit, free from the designers of penalties..

Monetary demands force us to sell our time to other victim-misers who need it because credit has been derived into a bet against debt (for insurance sake.)
Why should I save, I'm covered!

The impulse to gamble has to be forgiven in order to cure too much passion, for derived securities...

I forgive so I don't have to forget... I learn contentment so I don't have to be happy, because the desire for happiness is frustration... thus a gamble.

Creative energy encourage us to design jobs that allow social contentment?



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