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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

well, fair, productive

My values are at variance with many that society takes for granted.
Maybe society has created a compliant insanity by majority rules?
There are many indicators that we don't live in a well or fair state.
What job responsibility could address that fear of the Welfare State?

There are conceptual properties that are interfering with America's original right to own property. Our Founding Fathers came from the era when monarchs owned all the property of a country (and it's empire) so They were attempting to design a proper property for individuals to manage. The ultimate private interest (the king) was confronted to create the best republic they could. This was a social movement as the first paragraph of Common Sense clearly implies. Protection of property is how government earns confidence. Doesn't it seem like a majority of Americans would vote no-confidence in this government? How much should we think that is insane?

The colonial agrarian economy was at a pace with natural progression that was distorted by concepts allowed by an industrial revolution. Profit worked great when measured by production values. What seems to be challenging economic integrity is how information and service is sold for profit.
Service and information is where advantage can be taken conceptually.
My parents were social workers who were pioneers of a social service era. The entitlement of a stable government inspired the creation of assurances like Social Security according to fairly ideal standards.

The wealthy interpretation was to create an insurance market that is based on gambling. This insurance "industry"(?) is proving the imbalance of values that became pervasive with the acceptance of governmental lotteries. So many pay every week with hope for something they will never experience. Insurance makes us pay every month for something we never hope to use. How rational is that?

The deficit is a result of gambling attitudes. But how can the future be held responsible for the behavior of the past, monetarily? How can the nonexistent (kids) account for a conceptual derivative? Maybe it doesn't exist! Doesn't it seem more like an admission of borrowing in order to gamble? This could be a value of (and owed to) those who were used.

Insurance is socialism as a collective pool and the administration profits are by authoritarianism. Every corporate subsidy is authoritarian socialism. Democratic socialism has become the only cure, so redefine re:public again!

Wealth seems to be a style of compulsive obsessive hoarding. The more I have (of anything powerful) the more I am removed from a balanced reality and the more defensive I become. Those with the most have the most to lose. Money has become a harsh demanding master monarch/victimmiser.

The new confidence could come from a credit game that doesn't create debt. Overthrow the monarch money with three branches of economy. Divide the deficit into potential credit that can be accessible by staying well and fairly well-balanced. Every patient is important for the practice of medicine so they should get paid to submit to compliant health goals. This rewards credit for caring for our bodies as a national interest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of contentment. Even happiness seems to have a price!

The best liberty we have now is to indulge in education. Doesn't the entitlement for education lack the values of observation and or appreciation? Universities should financially credit students for completing stages of research and development. This could be the redistribution of interest to recreate the best American production behavior that proper investment deserves. If students came into society with credit to invest, those in the profit branch of economy could make products beyond reproach.

If the fastest growing job is collection agent, is it a symptom of inappropriate use of power / energy? I have implied that the insurance job market created a parasite that is a tumor in the system of banking that has derived un-empathetic harm to our well-being. It is easier to just live with a parasite than to treat it. The immediate problem with so little choice of jobs is what limited hope humanity has been forced to accept. Re:vision jobs!

The job of regulator is a type of mediation that needs to relax the punishment of judgment and expedite educational as healthy observations of trustworthy credit. Isn't that the next step from pollster, to increase the value of that information? This could be the role of government if economics were removed, The Founding Fathers had the hint that law-making and law-enforcement (& militia) was the cause of taxation. Regulate that burden by repealing the mistakes of the past. Forgive so we don't have to forget the lessons of these mistakes. The deficit is a symptom that reparations are deserved if relative to three respectful styles of coexistence. . . production, thought development, and health care.

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