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Friday, July 01, 2011

Liberal wealth?

Fear turns the (natural) urge for health into (pathological) desire for wealth, which turns men into misers, and they create MISERy to spare and share.

Fear makes people aggressive in liberal ways because conservative is ONLY defesnsive, that means only buying what you can afford (project realism.)
Would conservatives make non-existent future partners responsible for fourteen trillion dollars?
The Neocons are the most liberal administration ever, and President Clinton is the most conservative since President Eisenhower..?
BEaWARE of paradoxymorons out there!

Wealth turns conservatives liberal because of the risk factors. What turns defensive reflexes into responsible risk is a conservative understanding, but to reach beyond the understandable is a liberal irrational hunch which brings in the gambling symptom. Anything that gambles is liberal, so the insurance industries, credit card companies and banking in general creates liberal jobs and behaviors. To detract from becoming aware of that is the pleasure of imagining gain beyond what is needed to defend the status quo.

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