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Thursday, January 24, 2008

suspect desperation

The cause of crime is desperation.
Remember when the desperate Savings & Loan Companies were bailed out?
Could Hilary bail-out all debt mistakes?
Barrack needs to be her VP so no one would assassinate her!
The whole reason for a Highest Power is forgiveness!
Isn't that why believing in God relieves mistake-making?

Regrets are the by-product of choice so Creators of credit are responsible for debt (and other identity theft.)
Power to admit responsibility forgives victims, on what trusted level?
Doesn't the administration steal forgiveness if victims pay for obvious faults imposed by policy deficiency?
Couldn't the way most faults are treated be a crime in punitive systems?
Rule of law might be ready to progress beyond victims if too costly.
Restorative justice should be the forgiveness education experiment!

Forgive yourself ~ Ignorance is the environment we are all born into.
Appreciation is the care of paying attention to awareness relationships.
Response-ability creates energy of life to animate bodies of action.
Respect is circumspect introspection (ego health.)


Blogger BBC said...

I was always able to make my own way so never consider resorting to crime. Had some hard times, but not that hard, if I had some sort of roof over my head and some food I was happy enough with that.

Never allowed myself to get far in debt just because I wanted things, so never got buried under it.

Guess I did some things right.

1/27/08, 3:16 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Lol, terrific, lol! Believing in God, mistakes?...sounds like we are reading our minds here, lol!

Could be the fear of making mistakes is the not wanting to forgive, as if it's an alien thing.

So the whole problem is a cover up of what we don't want to have to do, just punish and keep the rest down, stay up!

Ignorance may be fiegned as part of the coverup.

Respect is certainly healing.

1/30/08, 11:51 PM  

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