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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

new tradition paradox

Tradition needs past experience to build upon.
To use the word conservative is a symptom of need.
Hunger is a natural appetite sustaining experience.
Contentment balances feelings with thinking corrections.
Emerging properties allow conceptual qualities to obtain values.
Profit makes capital feed industrious production of product
so to attach profit to service or information withholds details
generosity produces contributive appreciation credit.

Any use of credit is anti-conservatism when materialistic.
The liberating act of American founding fathers was to change a country from being property of a monarch so that individuals could actually own land. This property attachment (manifest destiny) helped the Industrial Revolution produce a quality of infrastructure that can accommodate evolutionary property change into conceptual forms like copyrights, patents, stories, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, etc.
The conceptual values are the gift and therefore responsibility of human awareness.
Appreciation is credit for concepts that behave by degrees of trust.
Creative support is a spiritual motivation by donation generation.
Freedom to contribute is a restorative insight value.
Is it (freedo~nating) exercised equally by conservatives and liberals?


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