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Sunday, January 13, 2008

the point of TRUST

Everyone asks, "What's your point?"
They project that I think too much
because I express poetically
feelings beyond comprehension
revealing the meditative edge
to contemplation as appreciation.
If unconditional love offers
being free from judgment
any point is indentured.
The point represents stability
like conserving water by freezing it.
Conceptual growth is a flexibility factor
that exercises a trust of truth-building.
Simple truth is the point of compliance
to unify individual departments of
a cooperative balance quality.
Service is the connection
that points away from self control.

Consideration binds us to concepts
by degrees of repetition which
implies reflexive attachment.
So the need for a point implies
symptomatic regression from trusting
future emerging property potentials.

The Trust is an investment vehicle
which I am using to illustrate a point
of property transformation from land
into intellectual values of patents, copyrights,
stocks and other concepts that can abuse profits.
Contribution is the act of extending the point
of maturity concepts of closure
because cashing out or out-sourcing
betrays the spirit of eternal growth-stage evolution.

Resources reach a point when they run out.
People who want me to come to a point
think they can harvest liberating concepts
which is most easily demonstrated by selling
products from materials (and varying traditional) recipes.

Insurance is the point that service can be withheld for a profit.
Sympathy has been limited to financial values
using fear to amplify dis-ease pathology
to distract our investment in Trust accessibility.
Couldn't the new form of government be a Trust-builder?
Social security could have been a seed (point) planted
in the first two paragraphs of Common Sense
by revolutionary peace proposition production values
that share a new frontier of conceptual consciousness.


Blogger jim said...

A Psychology beyond the group, I call it Spiritual Psychology, and in it, as a medium of exchange, human psychology, keeps the wheels turning without dislocation or fuel. Value pre-exists product.

I think you are saying something similar. An economy, and government thereof, based on values over and above all within it, with nothing for sale.

1/16/08, 11:28 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

. . integrity recognizes itself, availability is a recognition, and you point to emerging properties, thanks.

1/23/08, 2:40 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Thanks Bradford.

1/23/08, 11:11 PM  

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