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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For political values to ask for contribution is like admitting their job shouldn't exist.
Officials that don't trust the government to work right are admitting something about themselves.
The way lobbying allows corruption to seem legal has representational symptoms of a parasitic foreign body.
The government sponsored by The Federal Reserve is a tumor getting more malignant as we realize how little is trustworthy spending.
The monetary system is (a monarchy) holding access for ransom.
The revolution for a three branch economy needs the health CARE concept to create a CREDIT that can't be indebted.
IF we don't get health care ASSURANCE the financing of representation will be blamed.
Production economy needs the support of service and information credits that have not been acknowledged but are being felt (and downsized) as frustration to compensate appropriate tribute and participation.
Profit was fuel/oil for The Industrial Revolution but to withhold service and information for profit IS CRIMINAL neglect of a less industrious style of living.
The non-profit sector deserves a nurturing credit from a National Bank, that deserves to reverse all the deficit from past responsibilities of this gambling (insurance) system.

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