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Thursday, August 06, 2009

insurance gambles w/assurance

Certainty is manmade fear to allow understanding limits of naturally inspired curiosity. Paradox understanding keeps negating reflexes in balance (with confusion.) To introduce evolution as education allows time for unexpected interest in growth (if willing to embrace confusion.) Appreciation separates reason from reality materially (certainly,) while conceptual (0ptional) values become educational revelations.

Victimizer jobs are getting more obvious by the character of discouraging criticism. The concepts of blame, shame, or threat are the opposing approaches to support.
The rules that fulfill these functions are indulgent and costly.
Ironic paradox that the politicians that sold-out most to the private sector have RE:PUBLIC in their self description.

When smart enough to realize the (yearly) tax needed to pay no (monthly) Insurance payment is much less (less often,) the citizen would deserve Doctor to Patient Care and Education entitlements. Can healthy attitudes balance gambling books of wealthy risk buyers?
Isn't being a doctor (or nurse) a PUBLIC service by many RESPECTS?
Why private profits don't always make sense..
privacy seems more criminal with most lobby efforts..
as cons-piracy...

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