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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wholy con of me

The deficit is taxpayer funding of the future,
created by governmental concepts,
that in order to be responsible must provide us with that much service and information!
Creating a national banking assurance policy to balance books, conceived by a non-FEDERAL lacking of RESERVES,
could create three branches of economy so the best countries can entitle rights beyond past budgets.
What has been TAKEN for granted are the values of parasitic competition, demanding indentured industriousness,
that gambles on disaster and makes it a game called insurance.
Only the incorporated wants to stress the payments (to agents) over the care values.

Doctors should be sponsored to take their classes, and not be risking debt. What percentage of the deficit could be neutralized just by paying-off every hospital and medical care investment presently unpaid?
Healing arts and medical practice should credit every patient that submits to participation, for restoring comfort starts with financial relief bailed-on victims of 401K mistrust. Retirement depends on re-evaluating loss concepts as deceptive cons privated assurances of rights to entitlement for gambling on windfalls
Government must RE: public to end the piracy of privateering.
Is the Cons piracy enough evidence of the tax evasion being greed and disrespect by the biggest abusers ("manifest destiny" traitors) of Earth and country (resource availability?)
Doesn't lobbying show how they could cover any need for taxes?

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