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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Space Case

I have evolved conceptual art as my value system to contribute socially.
This attitude involves qualities of purpose and intension of doing better at what I am being.
As I open myself up to experiencing the questionable nature of living, I realize this style of wonder makes life wonderful.
All values are debatable thanks to concepts.
Experience will develop qualities of interpretation.
The tendency to relate back to original awareness means we have to live in the past to some degree.
Adaptation needs will encourage flexibility.
Focusing attention on certain qualities will develop senses beyond the physical organs.
Words organize concepts into a suitcase.
What words best suit your case?
The case is the location of a situation or event.
This defines the properties of images that the imagination can space out on.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

new power sourcing

America was a point of New World Order.
The development of power depends on the paradox of opposing poles, like a battery.
The chaotic diversity of freedoms taken to tame the many states of wilderness revealed a new way to focus on properties.
The ideal society allowed equal individuality, that started ending slavery by experimenting with (the act of) giving freedom as supportive.
Freedom from taxation was the generosity needed to allow a self-supportive partnership.

The evolution of partnerships should continue to encourage agreement and find ways to appreciate differences.
Mediation is the new frontier to conflict resolution.
We can't tell people how to feel but you can suggest that "for better or for worse" is much better than judgment based on good or bad.

Opinions are personal answers, but social trends will fashion new questions to be considered / considerate.
Accepting (treatment) maintains health when (dis)ease is threatened.
Complaint is a weakened state of questioning better possibilities and introduces punitive feelings.
Restorative efforts are less obvious because suggestions can seem like they are telling others what to do, that is why examples are the best teaching methods (offering togetherness.)
Sharing observations could appreciate, but the critical element easily denies responsibility with blame dominant traditions (defenses), the responsibility taken is then further denied, becoming pathological deception (authority.)

Radical honesty allows for surprises.
Wonder full living comes from not knowing what is next (and feeling content with that.)
The power that comes from this space depends on the deceived denying those rights.
We all do that to ourselves, just count how many times you say, "NO."
Healing (with freedom) starts with honesty about denial.
Care is the respect paid in fullness, inclusive.

Monday, May 26, 2008

memorable day

I had the get-up-&-go to get to Mill Valley by 9am and skate from Whole Foods to parade starting point where Larry in his Coat of Many Colors introduces the celebrity, organization or cause to the judges. I watched the crowd greet their fire department, Mayor, and council members but as the Wells Fargo stagecoach turned from Throckmorton onto Miller Avenue, I skated on up to the Old Mill Park. Bands on flat-bed trailers, marching au-pairs and their kids, dance schools, an optometrist, Boy Scouts and Tam High School's arches rolling on down the line. Finally at the end of the school yard is Marin Peace and Justice Coalition characters with peace signs, 1,000 red white and blue folded cranes and petitions. They were just in front of the last group representing a martial arts academy, so being behind a new energy drink truck sure helped ease us on down the road. Being on inline skates did show some effort on my part as a victim of gravity, but my ass never hit the pavement and it was rough in many spots. The chance to converse with so many open to how my message of hope and best consideration changed the reflex to feel victimized (as subtly as possible.)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

patient enough to hesitate

I hesitate to do things for my kids,
and tell myself, "it is better to be patient."
Can anybody help me with the difference between
hesitation and patience?
I have a feeling that that it can't be explained
(like an answer)
but can inspire an experience to share.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Appreciating Behavior Concepts

The living process is so involving
and about victimization that death
can represent freedom. (from)
Awareness (is) attached to form projection.
Light measures the known universe
and gives us the sense of sight,
"what you see is what you get"
as light projection forms energetic images,
movement allows growth to create
a duration sense.
"Yet" balances "(what) was" and "still more."
Care measures the sharing influences.

Friday, May 23, 2008

different thoughts

What if happiness is the need to be different?
To grow implies constant difference so the sense of happiness creates equal frustration like The Golden Rule is The Relativity Theory to recycle sameness into difference for growths' sake.
The response that is most neutral as the healthiest balance seems to be contentment.
The understanding of contentment is the only way we can become equal individuals because happiness needs authority powers to judge it.
Freedom is the ability to relax powers from authorities that can take it.
Do you want me to tell you that, or show you a better way?

Conceptual art needs to manifest socially as mediation for contentment.
Conflict resolution has more sense than this punitive system can allow.
Happiness and frustration are limits of sensing judgment that contentment could surpass.
The conditions of self-respect develop the understanding that appreciates.
Complaints are an instability of self importance because of needing something to be different.

emerging properties

Your body is the lesson of property,
the gift is to know it properly.
To pay attention buys awareness.
The relativity point gives life a location and duration.
Victimization contrasts the chance for freedom.

Unless taught otherwise . .
reflexes naturally support,
so to care beyond relativity
grows responsibility experiences.

Why are the materials made more important than
the concepts that support value systems?
Qualities are what can be appreciated.
Complaints materialize discomfort so contentment
conceptualizes how happiness is lost.
If you can lose happiness is that because
we make it into a thing (that frustrates us?)

Mindfulness is the conceptual property
that thoughts can become with meditation.
Mediation is the process of agreement exercise.
Observation gives life perspectives to share.
Trust is how I pay respect for my reality
to maintain a balance.

What kind of place would I be stuck in
if bodies didn't evolve with emerging properties?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

out standing in consideration

When Barack Obama made the observation about people with isolation needs to own guns and religious security, the contrast of who he said it to, created the defensive reflex (to deny a simple [non-judgmental] truth,)
this demonstrated how people expect one good (behavior) with everything else simply contrasting to bad.
Diplomacy is an experience that is unrecognizable on so many primary levels (for better or for worse.)
The labor of understanding is valued as much as the teachers.
If that statement raises questions, could that make it wonder-full?

Wonderful aspects of life need to be inspired with care.
I carefully craft suggestions of a better behavior to my kids that they will only see as me telling them what to do.
Implication tries to make responsibility detachable.
My questions never seem to be answered directly no matter how simple I make them.
The way that these angles point to understanding styles mean that people judge themselves into isolation.
If people think this understanding makes me a better person the reflex seems to be to deny credit because they believe they need defense to remain in sameness.
If I could only change the reaction to constant change as the best living model of paradoxical acceptance.
Since change can be a pleasurable vacation from everyday life, why is the request considered a threat to the inconsiderate reflexes.
The magic of this country is that paradox of equal individuality.
How much we respect that consideration builds self-respect by paying attention to the differences that others offer as values.
At times, shit is the most valuable aspect of my garden, so please don't project judgmental properties on my observations.

Friday, May 16, 2008

system hypnosis

What is being legal?
There is a system imposed by fear of punishment that poisons responsibly.
Checks and balances recognize that powers don't balance naturally.
Power is weakness because it is always taken by complaint.
Political leadership is based on debate and therefore debatable.
Happiness is won by creating whole parties of losers.
The best social experiment would consider contentment more satisfying.
Healthy balance is exemplified by food groups for expanding tastes with combinations.

The bitter legal battle is basically about access to property.
Monarchy was the source of law and owner of all property.
The Magna Chartas created rule of law to address the need for defining rights to own a family inheritance.
The American revolution made property ownership such a powerful indulgence that one of the most hurtful symptoms was manifest destiny.
The concept that we should take advantage of others if they don't know the difference will continue to destroy any economy.

Conceptual property is the frontier of The Information Age.
Intellectual properties are being accumulated as values into a new vehicle with qualities associated to The Trust.
The usability of new concepts depends on the evolution of The Service Industry.
The challenge is to pay attention for deficit / deficient reflexes.
Invested interest yields appreciation.
I suggest that thinking is critical so removing complaint makes mindfulness more healthy.

Profit was the support of production values when we once had a product-based economy but went over-the-hill when the first concept of planned obsolescence became a symptom of indulgence.
Profit and taxes are imposed systems of support that victimize the user by taking advantage of creating a need.
Insurance and credit are conceptual needs turned into products for profit, the denial of conservatives that these practices are liberal is disturbing and depressing.

Satisfaction is more of an experience than a possession.
To understand freedom is to harness it as respected purpose,
so creating contrast is the most response-able relation.
Culture appreciates what awareness shares.
Can dreaming aloud awaken some wonder?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

E=mc you squares

The point of pressure is how desperate decisions have to be as economic pressures illustrate value factors for living aware.
The energy of supporting life is care full (in order) to relate the ultimate budget of time and space.
The reduction of a concept called The Relative Theory allows for the energy of life to be equal to a mass (for location) brought to the speed of day-light (for duration.)
Relativity helps awareness grasp how cells organize to offer entitlements we call freedom or rights.
Mankind tries to simulate natural actions of growth to respond in style with location (of resource) potential and seasonal duration patterns.
The Responsibility Theory needs generous considerations to mediate knowing (and opinions) into restorative values that desperately need to detach profit motives.
Profit is a product-based value that is ruining supply and demand of checks and balances.
Service and information cannot be sold for profit without withholding the best qualities (for profit) so dwindling resources start short-circuiting the responsible powers.
Shares must be given to make everyone invested in the credit style (of education) that doesn't spoil timing and spacemen (with excessive wait/weight.)

Monday, May 12, 2008

complaints are waste

. . if awareness is a gift,
by your standard,
would The Benefactor
appreciate your use?
Isn't appreciation the best
we can do with life?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


What a spring in energy, this week held the most
transitional points of freedom for my teens.
The 16 year old girl got her driver's license on Monday,
and my boy turned 18 on Thursday.
Does the freedom for them mean I should find my new job?
Can I try any harder to improve my interview?
The most common comment is I'm too enthusiastic!

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Materialism forces people to think in terms of reality! . but there are artistically trained people, like myself, that sometimes get to feel that even that concept is romantic. I was reminded of that paradox by reading Zen and The ART of Motorcycle Maintenance. On page 70, Robert Pirsig explains understanding as a dichotomy of the classical need to organize facts (by accepting them) contrasted by a romantic spirit of fantastic hope (for improvement.) There was an effort on his part to balance the two within the limits of an educational system that drove him crazy. As a young idealistic lecturer, he was serious about presenting the curriculum but he couldn't find an inclusive method to teach the diversity of students he was yearning to inspire, so he dared to question authority.

Freedom seems like a lesson that can be taught but it feels more like a living entity that needs care to be maintained. To be the same as everyone else wouldn't even need the concept of freedom to exist, yet isn't that what being equal implies? It was the diversity of individual rights (for creative adaptation) that inspired the Founding Fathers to craft convert-able concepts of relative freedom that could keep growing.

The most important pamphlet published at the time was entitled Common Sense. Thomas Paine introduces his argument against monarchy in the first two paragraphs (posted on my links.) The point was that mankind tends to be supportive until a power emerges that wants to punish someone or take control over others. Judgment distracts us from the appreciation that can come from just being together as acceptable participants of a culture. Common mistakes need restorative reflexes, not punitive ones.

To blame, shame or threaten projects the most disagreeable feelings, so could that behavior be an excess of a conflicted nature? I contend that conflict resolution is where freedom is created, so a conflicted nature is also opportunity. I suggest opinions are medicinal exercises in controlled doses but giving up an opinion is for freedom's sake. Defending opinions beyond a certain point is being enslaved by them, well at least victimized.

When awareness entered living beings (to become humans) the search for freedom began recognizing ways to take it from others, both freedom and awareness. It is ironic to watch how some people can actually convince others that they don't want it so they get others to give it to them. Advantage taking is unbalanced behavior. This may project how assurance gets sold as insurance, like acceptable protection rackets.

The main purpose of a conflicted universe is that there is power potential in confusion, certainty is closure to "imply" a balance. Everybody wants maturity, but isn't that when you cash in your bond to pay-off your need for credit? Do you want your life to be without need for credit? Can I suggest confusion shouldn't be as embarrassing as denial?

Why can't we all agree to disagree in the graceful enjoyment of wonder? You may wonder why I have to seem so confused most times, maybe it's because my life is so wonder full!?
The best qualities of living come from being agree-able, especially with a questionable nature, so that just might be the best measure of being healthy.
Is it too romantic to hope agreement is the equal right to individuality?
Let's share the power of encouraging questions without the fear of an overpowering answer. I hope I inspire questions because the point is to allow for opinions to agree that debate qualifies freedom.
I wish you much discussion.