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Thursday, May 29, 2008

new power sourcing

America was a point of New World Order.
The development of power depends on the paradox of opposing poles, like a battery.
The chaotic diversity of freedoms taken to tame the many states of wilderness revealed a new way to focus on properties.
The ideal society allowed equal individuality, that started ending slavery by experimenting with (the act of) giving freedom as supportive.
Freedom from taxation was the generosity needed to allow a self-supportive partnership.

The evolution of partnerships should continue to encourage agreement and find ways to appreciate differences.
Mediation is the new frontier to conflict resolution.
We can't tell people how to feel but you can suggest that "for better or for worse" is much better than judgment based on good or bad.

Opinions are personal answers, but social trends will fashion new questions to be considered / considerate.
Accepting (treatment) maintains health when (dis)ease is threatened.
Complaint is a weakened state of questioning better possibilities and introduces punitive feelings.
Restorative efforts are less obvious because suggestions can seem like they are telling others what to do, that is why examples are the best teaching methods (offering togetherness.)
Sharing observations could appreciate, but the critical element easily denies responsibility with blame dominant traditions (defenses), the responsibility taken is then further denied, becoming pathological deception (authority.)

Radical honesty allows for surprises.
Wonder full living comes from not knowing what is next (and feeling content with that.)
The power that comes from this space depends on the deceived denying those rights.
We all do that to ourselves, just count how many times you say, "NO."
Healing (with freedom) starts with honesty about denial.
Care is the respect paid in fullness, inclusive.


Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

I often want to respond to your posts, but I have difficulty finding the right words to describe my reactions to your words.

Some might say your posts are fragmented bits of ideas that have no common thread. And yet, there is generally a common theme. You make us work hard to find it.

At times I sense that it requires a more intimate understanding of you and your circumstances, than many of your readers could possibly have, to really grasp the full meaning of your posts.

Because I have come to know you personally, I feel I have some insight that others may lack. I also feel that I need to respect the trust you have placed in me. I do not always feel free to respond openly, because I want to protect that trust and our relationship.

Suffice it to say, I understand where your coming from. I appreciate your compassion, and your passion to influence change.

I also appreciate your drive to pursue this dream, while confronting daunting obstacles. You should know that you can count on me for support.

5/30/08, 9:24 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

America would love to rule the world, they just don't say so in so many words, they do it in sneaky ways.

6/1/08, 7:35 AM  
Blogger jim said...

right on! pathological deception, diseased pretension to health, exclusion in partnership, yep, respect is in order, but attitudes of mistaken values close the doors.

6/6/08, 12:40 AM  

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