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Friday, May 23, 2008

different thoughts

What if happiness is the need to be different?
To grow implies constant difference so the sense of happiness creates equal frustration like The Golden Rule is The Relativity Theory to recycle sameness into difference for growths' sake.
The response that is most neutral as the healthiest balance seems to be contentment.
The understanding of contentment is the only way we can become equal individuals because happiness needs authority powers to judge it.
Freedom is the ability to relax powers from authorities that can take it.
Do you want me to tell you that, or show you a better way?

Conceptual art needs to manifest socially as mediation for contentment.
Conflict resolution has more sense than this punitive system can allow.
Happiness and frustration are limits of sensing judgment that contentment could surpass.
The conditions of self-respect develop the understanding that appreciates.
Complaints are an instability of self importance because of needing something to be different.


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