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Saturday, May 17, 2008

out standing in consideration

When Barack Obama made the observation about people with isolation needs to own guns and religious security, the contrast of who he said it to, created the defensive reflex (to deny a simple [non-judgmental] truth,)
this demonstrated how people expect one good (behavior) with everything else simply contrasting to bad.
Diplomacy is an experience that is unrecognizable on so many primary levels (for better or for worse.)
The labor of understanding is valued as much as the teachers.
If that statement raises questions, could that make it wonder-full?

Wonderful aspects of life need to be inspired with care.
I carefully craft suggestions of a better behavior to my kids that they will only see as me telling them what to do.
Implication tries to make responsibility detachable.
My questions never seem to be answered directly no matter how simple I make them.
The way that these angles point to understanding styles mean that people judge themselves into isolation.
If people think this understanding makes me a better person the reflex seems to be to deny credit because they believe they need defense to remain in sameness.
If I could only change the reaction to constant change as the best living model of paradoxical acceptance.
Since change can be a pleasurable vacation from everyday life, why is the request considered a threat to the inconsiderate reflexes.
The magic of this country is that paradox of equal individuality.
How much we respect that consideration builds self-respect by paying attention to the differences that others offer as values.
At times, shit is the most valuable aspect of my garden, so please don't project judgmental properties on my observations.


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