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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

E=mc you squares

The point of pressure is how desperate decisions have to be as economic pressures illustrate value factors for living aware.
The energy of supporting life is care full (in order) to relate the ultimate budget of time and space.
The reduction of a concept called The Relative Theory allows for the energy of life to be equal to a mass (for location) brought to the speed of day-light (for duration.)
Relativity helps awareness grasp how cells organize to offer entitlements we call freedom or rights.
Mankind tries to simulate natural actions of growth to respond in style with location (of resource) potential and seasonal duration patterns.
The Responsibility Theory needs generous considerations to mediate knowing (and opinions) into restorative values that desperately need to detach profit motives.
Profit is a product-based value that is ruining supply and demand of checks and balances.
Service and information cannot be sold for profit without withholding the best qualities (for profit) so dwindling resources start short-circuiting the responsible powers.
Shares must be given to make everyone invested in the credit style (of education) that doesn't spoil timing and spacemen (with excessive wait/weight.)


Blogger Vincent said...

Brad4d you suddenly made me see the iniquity of shareholding - usury - which is taboo in some religions.

It stops a company doing what is right for the sake of profit. Or perhaps it gives the company the excuse to go for the easy target - profit - instead of the welfare of all: employees, morality, animals, the ecological balance and so forth.

Dignity, in short.

5/13/08, 9:25 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

. . so you agree that profiteers are square pegs trying to steal our rights to get a-well-rounded living.
Your presentations are always so dignified, Vincent. Thanks

5/13/08, 9:42 AM  
Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

I just saw an interview with Melody Petersen about her new book OUR DAILY MEDS.

She spent many years researching the drug industry to find out if Pharmaceutical Companies' claims that the cost of research was the primary contributor to drug costs.

The bottom line? She discovered that significantly more was spent on marketing, and generating artificial needs for their product by inspiring patients to solicit drugs from their doctors, and so on.

There are simply too many selfish considerations in the form of Corporate Greed, stockholder pressures, and on the other end of the spectrum, those who would unfairly take advantage of welfare, the generosity of others.

Even those who would suggest reform are often coming from the position of their own selfish needs and desires.

Narcissism has become the norm.

Consideration, compassion and understanding are failing to influence in any significant way, in spite of the claims of a greener, more sustainable, or more philanthropically inclined population.

The by-gone days of trade by barter are present today, only in small ways among trusted friends and neighbors.

The challenge lies in developing incentives for each of us to be product-tive in construct-tive ways. For each of us to contribute in a real way to sustaining our society and our planet, while fairly reaping the benefits of our collective efforts.

I am not confident that this approach will ever be seriously considered. The best we can hope for is small communities of folks to succeed in some small way in generating a balance.

Borrowing one of your Bradisms:
"Relax into what must be endured"

5/17/08, 1:34 PM  

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