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Friday, May 16, 2008

system hypnosis

What is being legal?
There is a system imposed by fear of punishment that poisons responsibly.
Checks and balances recognize that powers don't balance naturally.
Power is weakness because it is always taken by complaint.
Political leadership is based on debate and therefore debatable.
Happiness is won by creating whole parties of losers.
The best social experiment would consider contentment more satisfying.
Healthy balance is exemplified by food groups for expanding tastes with combinations.

The bitter legal battle is basically about access to property.
Monarchy was the source of law and owner of all property.
The Magna Chartas created rule of law to address the need for defining rights to own a family inheritance.
The American revolution made property ownership such a powerful indulgence that one of the most hurtful symptoms was manifest destiny.
The concept that we should take advantage of others if they don't know the difference will continue to destroy any economy.

Conceptual property is the frontier of The Information Age.
Intellectual properties are being accumulated as values into a new vehicle with qualities associated to The Trust.
The usability of new concepts depends on the evolution of The Service Industry.
The challenge is to pay attention for deficit / deficient reflexes.
Invested interest yields appreciation.
I suggest that thinking is critical so removing complaint makes mindfulness more healthy.

Profit was the support of production values when we once had a product-based economy but went over-the-hill when the first concept of planned obsolescence became a symptom of indulgence.
Profit and taxes are imposed systems of support that victimize the user by taking advantage of creating a need.
Insurance and credit are conceptual needs turned into products for profit, the denial of conservatives that these practices are liberal is disturbing and depressing.

Satisfaction is more of an experience than a possession.
To understand freedom is to harness it as respected purpose,
so creating contrast is the most response-able relation.
Culture appreciates what awareness shares.
Can dreaming aloud awaken some wonder?


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