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Friday, May 23, 2008

emerging properties

Your body is the lesson of property,
the gift is to know it properly.
To pay attention buys awareness.
The relativity point gives life a location and duration.
Victimization contrasts the chance for freedom.

Unless taught otherwise . .
reflexes naturally support,
so to care beyond relativity
grows responsibility experiences.

Why are the materials made more important than
the concepts that support value systems?
Qualities are what can be appreciated.
Complaints materialize discomfort so contentment
conceptualizes how happiness is lost.
If you can lose happiness is that because
we make it into a thing (that frustrates us?)

Mindfulness is the conceptual property
that thoughts can become with meditation.
Mediation is the process of agreement exercise.
Observation gives life perspectives to share.
Trust is how I pay respect for my reality
to maintain a balance.

What kind of place would I be stuck in
if bodies didn't evolve with emerging properties?


Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

Property implies ownership. Take ownership of what is good for your body and be well.

Abandon the negative influences, toxins, bacteria that does your body harm.

We have natural inhibitors for such things, however, often we are required to intervene in our own best interest.

Be a good gate keeper, and be well.

5/23/08, 11:11 AM  

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