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Monday, May 26, 2008

memorable day

I had the get-up-&-go to get to Mill Valley by 9am and skate from Whole Foods to parade starting point where Larry in his Coat of Many Colors introduces the celebrity, organization or cause to the judges. I watched the crowd greet their fire department, Mayor, and council members but as the Wells Fargo stagecoach turned from Throckmorton onto Miller Avenue, I skated on up to the Old Mill Park. Bands on flat-bed trailers, marching au-pairs and their kids, dance schools, an optometrist, Boy Scouts and Tam High School's arches rolling on down the line. Finally at the end of the school yard is Marin Peace and Justice Coalition characters with peace signs, 1,000 red white and blue folded cranes and petitions. They were just in front of the last group representing a martial arts academy, so being behind a new energy drink truck sure helped ease us on down the road. Being on inline skates did show some effort on my part as a victim of gravity, but my ass never hit the pavement and it was rough in many spots. The chance to converse with so many open to how my message of hope and best consideration changed the reflex to feel victimized (as subtly as possible.)


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